The Transformation of a Moslem Woman – Part 6


After her pool session, Zainab returned to her room, showered again, hid the bikini, and changed, before Mohammed returned from his seminar. They were free until a cocktail party in a hospitality room downstairs at 8:00 PM. When Mohammed returned, he and Zainab left the hotel and had dinner together. Neither had much to say.

Zainab just kept thinking that she had to get through the next few hours, until their plane trip home tomorrow morning, and her nightmare would be over. She was comforted that Mohammed would be accompanying her to the party tonight.

But when they returned to their hotel room, there was a message for Mohammed from Vineet. Mohammed returned the call. When he hung up, he told Zainab, “A couple of new clients want to go out on the town, and Vineet wants me to take them.”

Zainab’s heart sank. “But what about me? Do I get to go, too?”

“No. Vineet said that you’re still invited to the cocktail party. He said that he’d look after you.”

Mohammed left a few minutes later. Zainab sat on the bed in her robe. She decided that she wasn’t going to go to the party. To hell with Vineet! It had been the two most humiliating days of her life, he’s had sex with her twice, and he should be satisfied with that. But she feared that it was no coincidence that Vineet got rid of Mohammed for the evening.

Zainab heard the door unlock. She hoped that it was Mohammed returning, but it was Vineet that walked through the door. She was so disappointed that she didn’t even notice the paper bag in his hand.

“You looked so sexy in that bikini!” were Vineet’s first words. The tired, depressed Zainab just grunted.

“And you were so hot last night with Mohammed!”

But there’s one thing about the way you look that I want to change.” Vineet reached in the bag, and pulled out a disposable hand razor and a can of shaving cream. He held them up in the air, smiling. “Let’s go back to the bathroom. Time for a little trim down there!”

“Oh, no, please,” pleaded Zainab. But when Vineet walked into the bathroom, she followed him. Vineet started the water running in the bathtub. He gently dropped her robe and pulled her panties off, leaving her naked again. And then he stripped off his own clothes, revealing a hard cock. He climbed into the tub, and placed a towel on the edge of the tub. He motioned for Zainab to sit on the edge of the tub, with her feet in the water. Vineet sat between her spread-out legs, took a washcloth, and got Zainab’s pussy soaking wet. He shook the can of shaving cream, squirted a good handful of the cream into his hands, and rubbed it over her wet pubic hair.

“Relax, I’m very good with a razor,” Vineet said as he put the blade between her legs. Despite Vineet’s assurances, Zainab was nervous having a razor so close to her sensitive areas. Not to mention the humiliation of having this naked man in the tub with her. Zainab spread her legs wide, hung her crotch over the edge of the tub, and held perfectly still as Vineet began shaving her pussy hair.

“What will Mohammed say when he sees this?” Zainab asked.

“Tell him you did it to surprise him. Hasn’t he ever asked you to do this before?”

“The subject has never come up.”

Vineet started on the outside, but to Zainab’s shock, didn’t stop at making a “bikini cut.” He shaved the whole patch off. He slowly and gently shaved over and over, making sure he got every stubble.

“Who was on the balcony last night?” asked Zainab.

“Oh, just me, Satish, Jiten, and Kumar.”

Zainab got goose bumps thinking of her husband’s boss’s boss and two co-workers watching them have sex. “Oh, God,” she moaned.

Vineet made her squat in the tub to wash her whole bottom clean. He made her sit on the edge again for one last inspection.

“Ah, that’s beautiful. I’m going t have to christen it,” Vineet said has he rubbed his hand over her bald pussy mound. He lowered his face between Zainab’s legs, and began to lick her hairless pussy. Zainab held onto the edge of the tub as Vineet ate her. As small as Zainab was feeling, the sensation was too much for her, and she began to breathe heavily.

But Vineet wasn’t satisfied just eating her. He had her sit in the tub with him. He made her sit with her back to him, his legs wrapped around her. He picked up a bar of soap and began soaping her back. His soapy hands ran around to her front, sliding his slippery hands over her big soapy tits. The lubricated feel of the massive mammaries was wonderful, Vineet thought.

“Yea, everybody loved seeing your big tits”, he said as he groped them. “Your HUGE dark areolas were a nice surprise. And your nipples get so hard and long!” He tugged on her soapy nipples.

He had her kneel in the tub, and soaped her ass and pussy, his slippery hands gliding over her flesh. “The way your ass shook as you fucked Mohammed. Your long fingers stroking his cock. Your head bobbing up and down on his pud.”

Vineet made Zainab get on all fours. He pressed his hard cock into her bald pussy from behind. He thrust it into the wet, lubricated tunnel, and began fucking her doggie style.

“I loved your hairy pussy, but Satish likes them shaved,” Vineet grunted as he rubbed his crotch against her hairless puss, his crotch saddled between her butt cheeks.

The tub floor had a rough slip-proof surface that scraped his knees, but he got good traction from it. Her tits hung down and swayed and dangled. He spoke louder, over the splashing water echoing around the bathroom.

“Your big tits looked so good shaking and jiggling all over. And the way you thrust your hips so hard with your long legs spread wide! You have terrific thighs!”

He reached around and felt her hanging, still-soapy jugs. He watched her ass cheeks ripple and shake as he banged into them from behind. Tiny sprays of water splashed up from between his crotch and her ass when he slammed into her. “Your ass cheeks rose and fell as you walked to the light switch. The way he diddled your clit to make you cum!” Vineet reached under her, found her clit just above his cock shaft, and toyed with the swollen, lubricated button.

Zainab listened to every word he said, with mixed feelings of deep humiliation and eroticism. No one had ever talked to her like that. “Oh, oh,” she moaned as he thrust hard into her. Her voice echoed around the tile room, over the sound of the sloshing water and the squishy pussy. Zainab was getting close to on orgasm. “Don’t stop!”

Vineet pumped faster and faster, and shot his load in her pussy, as Zainab gyrated all over, splashing and squealing, and had her own orgasm.

Valerie – Chapter 10

Valerie - Chapter 10

Valerie – Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

Rebirth of Hope

Valerie woke to the sensation of being kissed lightly on the lips. Her eyes fluttered open to see Sally’s face practically inside her own, lips brushing against hers. She kissed back, opening her mouth to let their tongues greet each other properly.

“How’s that for an alarm clock?” Sally asked.

“Mmmm. So much better than my beeper alarm. What time is it?”

“A little after 7:00. You’ve got two and a half hours until your interview.”

“Plenty of time. Shower?”

“Talked me into it.”

They took another joint shower, the last, they hoped, where they couldn’t take the time for some morning delight under the spray. They had a busy day planned. Valerie had her interview at Delgrasi Publications, they were picking up Francine, the new hot water heater was due in, and Sally was planning to call all the utilities to set them up in their name.

“Valerie, how’s your back?”

“It’s a little tight. I think the scars might be firming up. I should see Helen next week to make sure that they are healing properly. I’m not sure she had moving in mind when she told me to take things easy.”

“Probably not. Add to that, we’re getting auctioned off tomorrow after our handfasting.”

“Do you have any idea what Master is planning?”

“Not a clue. He’s very good at keeping things close to his chest. It’ll be special, that’s all I can tell you to expect.”

They’d been dressing while they talked and Valerie asked, “How’s this for an interview?” Valerie had put on one of her business suits, a navy blue pair of slacks, short sleeve tan blouse, and, as a nod to her submissive nature, black three inch heels.

“You look great, very professional. I like the heels. You know, after Saturday, you’ll be wearing your collar 24/7. Maybe you should wear a collar to the interview, to let them know who they are actually hiring?”

“I thought of that. I’m just not sure a leather collar is right.”

“It’s more honest than none at all.”

Agreeing, she looked in her drawers for the collar she had worn to Divine’s Devils earlier this week. Just as she found it (under some boxes), the doorbell rang. Sally answered it and then called out, “Valerie, it’s for you.”

She went to the door and there was a man from a courier service. “Ms. Burbon?”


“Delivery for you. Sign here.”

She took the form and signed. There was no return address on it. The package was heavier than she expected for its size. Thanking him, she took it to the bedroom, the only room that was livable right now, and opened it up. Inside was a teak wood box, engraved with a drawing of a naked woman, hands bound above her head and feet spread. The box alone was beautiful. The contents were even more spectacular. The collar, four cuffs, and small key lay in a velvet lining inside the box. The words engraved into the collar were simple, yet elegant, “Valerie, slave of Master Charles,” with the ‘of’ centered in the tag space below ‘Valerie, slave’ and above ‘Master Charles’. The O in of was a small ring that a leash could be attached to. She picked up the collar and saw the exquisite engraving of the bound women, clearly naked, but not in any sense pornographic. Tears came to her eyes as she handled the silver collar.

“Valerie, those are so beautiful. Was Rachael worth it?”

“If I’d known they were so lovely, I would’ve been willing to walk out of there naked. Would you put them on me? I want to see how they look on me.”

“Sure. Hand me the key.”

Valerie picked up the key. That simple act felt so wrong that she couldn’t pass it on to Sally fast enough. Sally unlocked the collar and slipped it around Valerie’s neck, noting how cleverly the hinges had been blended into the bindings between the women figures on the surface. When Sally closed it, the click sounded incredibly loud in Valerie’s ears. She let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding. The process repeated for each of the cuffs. All of them fit perfectly, snug, yet not too tight.

Valerie went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. The tears that had started were freely flowing. Sally came in behind her, holding her shoulders. “Why the tears?”

“I’m so happy. I was worried about how I would feel. Nothing I’ve ever worn was so right on me. I love him. I want him to know how much so bad.”

“He’ll know, he’ll know.”

“I want to wear them to the interview. Can you keep the key safe? It feels so wrong for me to even touch it, let alone carry it with me.”

“I’d be honored. You’re right. You should wear this collar to the interview. You are the perfect vision of who you are: the submissive professional. If they won’t hire you because of these, they don’t deserve you.”

“Thanks. I’d better control myself or I will never get my makeup right.”

They finished getting ready for the day and Sally drove Valerie to the Delgrasi corporate headquarters. As planned, she arrived an hour early, giving her a chance to look through all twelve publications. All of them were of the same quality as the Sappho Digest she had been shown by Rachael and Giggy. She would have no problem being associated with any of these publications, even the ones that were obviously ones she would never subscribe to, like The Gay Gentleman.

She also took hope from the receptionist. Like Valerie, she was professionally dressed, with a very erotic look to her outfit. She also had noticeable nipple piercings and a small silver collar made to look like entwined ropes. Her name badge identified her as Erika. She had noted the collar on Valerie’s neck.

“That’s a very lovely collar. May I?”

Valerie nodded, lifting her chin to give her a better look at the engraving.

“Master Charles must care for you very much.”

“He does, though he didn’t give me this. It’s going to be my gift to him tomorrow at Mephisto’s.”

“You’re that Valerie! I had no idea. Master, my sister slaves, and I are going to be there. And you’re surprising him with these? You must love him very much.”

“Yes, I do. May I ask who your Master is?”

“I serve Master Damien. He’s very demanding and very special.” The look on her face was almost dreamy when she mentioned him.

“I’ll let you get back to work. I want to look over some of the publications, get a feel for them. If I get hired, would you want to talk about our experiences? I’m still new at this. I’ve been submitting for almost a month.”

“I would love to. I’m always looking for new ways to show my submission to Master.”

The hour she waited passed fast, her professional eye making observations about the magazines. She made notes for some ideas she had for improving advertising in them. The interview committee consisted of three women and two men. They gave her one of the most grueling interviews she had ever experienced. It was clear that they knew their stuff and would not accept anything but the best for the position. She was asked to explain every item in her portfolio, the reasons for various decisions made and why the item was in the portfolio at all. They quizzed her on her knowledge of their magazines, making her glad she had come as early as she had. They even had three different advertisements that she had to come up with ways to improve their presence in a given magazine. The whole process took three hours, leaving her sore, exhausted, and much fulfilled. She just knew that this job would be demanding and fulfilling.

Throughout the interview, no mention was made of her collar and cuffs, until the last questions. One of the women, a redhead with a hint of tattoo showing on her shoulder asked, “Ms. Burbon, do you believe that a slave collar and cuffs are appropriate attire for a professional advertising executive?”

Valerie took a deep breath and gave the answer she had mentally prepared. “Ma’am, for me it is. Who I am is equally made up of my identity as an advertising executive, my identity as my Master’s submissive, and my identity as my lover’s life partner. I intend to give my Master these as a gift of devotion tomorrow at a ceremony at Mephisto’s. After that, only he will be able to remove them. So, if you decide to hire me, you’ll get the submissive along with the executive. It seemed only fair that I let you know that before you hire me. I’d rather not be hired and then be fired on my first day on the job.”

One of the men responded to her answer. “Are you willing to assume yet another identity, that of a public face for the magazines that you’ll be representing?”

“That’s why I came early to look through your publications. What I see in them are very professional magazines that I would be honored to represent in any capacity. If my advertising expertise can improve them in any way, so much the better.”

“If you’ll wait outside for a minute, I think we can let you know about our decision shortly.”

Back out in the lobby, she paced, nervous about the process. She thought the interview had gone well, but you never know. She could get no read on them during the interview, partly because they had her racing a mile a minute with their questions. Ten minutes later, she was invited back in.

“Ms. Burbon, of all the applicants, you’re advertising qualifications were second to only one other applicant. There were numerous people who had more familiarity with the readers of our magazines and their interests, but most had only limited advertising experience. Of our top five candidates, we selected the one who most demonstrated an ability to be proud of working for Delgrasi Publications. Can you start Monday?”

Five full seconds passed as she took in the meaning of her words. She was hired! “Yes. I can start Monday. When does the business day start here?”

“Normal operations start at 8:00. However, you’ll need to come in at 6:00 for two weeks. You’re going to get the crash course in the company. Erika knows everything there is to know about the company, probably more than we would be comfortable with if we knew the actual extent. In two weeks, you’ll know as much about our operations and the publications as any of the other applicants. You’ll need to hire your own secretary. Erika can provide some basic support until you do. It’s a pleasure to welcome you aboard.”

He shook her hand and she said, “It’s a pleasure and an honor to be on board.”

“Oh, by the way. You’ll be on the cover of the next issue of The Sensible Submissive. We have a man covering your handfasting ceremony. I think the article’s working title is, ‘Delgrasi Employee Finds Love and Domination’.”

“I’ll try to be early enough that he can get an interview in before the ceremony starts,” she said with a smile. She though to herself, “It might also be the only clothed shot he could get for the cover.”

On her way out, she gave Erika, who was on the phone, a thumbs-up, getting a little flick of the wrist, as if a whip was being struck, back. She had her cell phone out to call a cab, when she saw that Sally was already there in the car.

“Hurry up. We can just make the hospital in time to pick up Francine.”

“You’re a doll. I was worried I wouldn’t make it in time. I got it. They hired me!”

“That’s wonderful! You start Monday?”

“Yes, 6:00 am. Two weeks of intensive ‘this is the company you work for’ and then I get two more hours of sleep each night. Do you have the key? We should get these back in the box for tomorrow.”

“Oops. I left the box, with the key, on the bed. Sorry.”

“That’s okay. I’m comfortable wearing them. I just don’t want to ruin the surprise for Master.”

The drive went fast, making all the lights. It seemed fate, or some deity, wanted them to have a good day. They found a space near the entrance and managed to make Francine’s room by 1:50. Francine and Helen were there.

“Okay, Francine, you need to be careful. You’re still weak from the blood loss. No heavy lifting, no strenuous exercise, and absolutely no play. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Helen. I can’t be trusted to play anyway. And yes, I will see Dr. Gloush.” She noticed the two ladies and exclaimed, “Valerie, Sally, you made it. Valerie, what are those? They’re so lovely. Charles gave you those?”

“No, I’m giving them to him tomorrow. I wore them to my interview so they could see who they hired.”

“Hired? You got the job! Congratulations. I know you’ll love it there. Did you meet Erika?”

“Yes. She seems veryexuberant.”

“Yes. Her Master is very different from yours. They’re both good, but different.”

Sally asked Helen, “Is she cleared to go? We want to get her out of here. People die in hospitals, you know.”

“Yes, she’s checked out. Enjoy tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As they were riding the elevator down, Francine explained, “I have a psychiatrist now. Charles found someone who, while not in the lifestyle, understands it and is willing to treat me. He has me started on anti-depressants. I’m not sure they’re working, but I’ve only been taking them for a day.”

They had reached the main lobby and were exiting the hospital. Valerie explained, “We got some of your stuff moved to the house. Your”

Francine stiffened, halting them on the steps. Valerie was one step below the other two. A police officer was walking towards them, holding a sheaf of papers. Then Francine uttered a word that chilled all three to the bones. “Harv!”

Sally would later swear that time seemed to slow down, letting her observe every detail of the next three seconds. Harv pulling a hand out of his coat, a revolver swinging towards Francine. The officer dropping the papers and drawing his own Glock. Francine freezing and screaming in terror. Valerie putting her hands out, stepping in front of Francine, yelling, “No!” Sally herself shoving Francine to the side, falling as she did. Then time snapped back with the pop of the .22 and the roar of the Glock sounding in rapid succession. Sally turned from her fallen position and saw both Harv and Valerie lying on the ground. Valerie had her hand to her throat, mouth moving but no sound coming out.

Her own voice was loud, the terror wrenching from deep in her heart. “Valerie! No!” Sally and Francine, both weeping in gasping sobs, crawled to Valerie.

“Valerie, no! Don’t die. You can’t die. I just found you. Please God, anything, you can have anything, just don’t let her die!”

“Don’t you dare die on me. I can’t do this without you. You brought me back. Please Valerie, come back to me.”

The two women were despondent, unable to fathom their friend and lover being taken from them so suddenly. The cop, recovering the gun from where Harv had dropped it, was on his radio. “This is Officer Williams. Shots fired at County General. Officer involved shooting. Two down: perp and civilian. We need medics here now!”

The blood was seeping out of the hole on Harv’s unmoving chest, the hollow point 9 mm doing what it was designed to do. Williams noted in the back of his head that the perp had used a .22. The gun secured and help on the way, he turned towards the downed lady, intending to try to keep her alive long enough for the medics to arrive. The first thing that struck him was the lack of blood. He knelt down next to her. There was a small lead plug stuck in the unusual necklace she had on. She seemed to be having difficulty talking.

“Ladies, let me in here. Ma’am, can you breathe?” Valerie tried to talk, but only a rasping noise came out. “Just nod or shake your head.” Valerie nodded. “I don’t see any blood. I think your necklace caught the slug.”

Sally caught that last bit. “She’s okay?”

“I don’t know about okay, she’s having trouble talking. But she can breathe and there’s no blood. This is one lucky lady. Here’s the medics. Let them through. Come one people, back off and let the EMTs work, for God’s sake.” Turning back to Francine and Sally, he asked, “Do you know this guy?”

“He’s my former boyfriend. He beat me nearly to death a month ago. I guess he wanted to finish the job.” As her grief was ending, knowing that Valerie was going to live, she came face to face with what just happened. She whispered, in awe, “She stood in front of him. She was going to die for me.”

“Probably saved your life. Her neck was at your heart level. .22s are not great for killing, but a clean shot to the heart, if it gets past a rib, will do it. What kind of necklace it that, anyway?”

Sally didn’t even think of making something up. “It’s her slave collar. She’s a submissive and was going to give it to her dominant tomorrow.”

“Is she the same one that?”


“She’s had a hell of a week. Most people don’t have two near brushes with death in their lives, let alone in a week. Tell her to be careful. I don’t want to have to respond to the third strike. No one’s that lucky.”

“We will, Officer.”

The medics had finished their work, so they went over to see what was happening. “How is she? Why can’t she talk?”

“She’ll be fine. We want to take her into emergency, just to be sure. It looks like the impact shoved that necklace against her larynx. Her voice is already coming back. This is one for the record books. I’ve never seen anything like it. If that thing had not been on her, the bullet would have hit her jugular. As it is, she should be back on her feet in an hour or two. You can go to the ER with her; won’t even need an ambulance.”

In the ER, they had Helen paged and she was able to check Valerie out. The prognosis was good. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a slave collar saving the slave’s life before. You’ve bruised your larynx, I don’t want you trying to speak if you can avoid it for the rest of the day. It should be okay by tomorrow afternoon.”

Sally commented, “It wouldn’t be there if I’d remembered to bring the key with me. We were going to take it off after her job interview.”

Unnoticed by anyone but Valerie, Francine had started to cry. Valerie struggled to get up, pulling Francine towards her. Holding her, she let her friend cry, as she had done so many times in the last few weeks.

Through her tears, Francine was desperate to understand. “Why? Why did you do that? You could’ve died. I don’t understand.”

Valerie’s voice was hoarse. “Love you.”

“But, I almost killed you.”

“Forgive you. Love you. Worth it.”

Sobbing in grief, from the loss of something she knew she once had, an understanding of why Valerie would do such a thing, Francine poured what she could of her heart out. “I’ve been so scared, of everything. Of Harv. Of feeling anything. Of not feeling. Of losing you. Of not losing you. I don’t deserve to live and I’m terrified of dying. Please don’t leave me. I couldn’t take it if you left me.”

Valerie pulled her tight, whispering, “Never.”

Sally came behind Francine and hugged them both, adding her own promise, “We’ll never leave you, Francine. Let’s get you home.”

From just outside the treatment room came an “Ahem.” The police officer that had prevented Harv from getting a second shot was standing there, holding the papers he had dropped. “Which one of you is Valerie Burbon?”

Valerie raised her hand, trying to not talk. Helen stepped in front of him. “Officer, she was just shot and has a bruised larynx. Can this wait?”

“I know, doctor, I was there. All I need to do is get her signature on her statement about the night of the attack.”

“It was not an attack!” Valerie yelled, sort of. A violent coughing fit ensued as her injured vocal cords protested at the violent use.

“Valerie! You shut you mouth. Absolute silence. I’ll call Charles if I have to.”

Valerie held up her hands in a gesture of surrender. She made a locking motion against her lips.

The officer resumed his attempt to get his job done. “Ma’am, I merely need you to read the statement, confirm that it’s accurate, and sign it. Can you do that?”

Valerie nodded her head and read over the document. It was an accurate recounting of what she had told the detective. Indicating with her head that it was good, she signed the statement.

“Thank you, Ms. Burbon. I’m sorry I had to track you down this way, but you’d moved without leaving a forwarding address. The DA figured you’d be here to pick Ms. Traline up. If I may say, my condolences on the hardships you have endured these last two weeks.”

“Thank you. And thank you for your quick action in front of the hospital. You saved our lives,” Sally responded.

The three ladies left, heading back to the house that was their new home. They drove in silence, stunned by the violence that entered their lives once again. The high spirits they’d been experiencing mere hours ago had been snuffed out. Sadness overwhelmed them. Would they ever be permitted to experience happiness? The hope that Valerie and Sally had was hanging on by a thread. Nearly losing one another had hit them hard. Francine, who had been unable to feel hope for weeks, was hanging on by a thread, the belief that she could feel hope again cracked, nearly destroyed. Only Valerie’s sacrifice kept her from total collapse.

At the house, the women collapsed on the couch in the living room. Sally unlocked the collar and cuffs from Valerie’s neck and limbs. The .22 caliber slug was embedded in the name plate, the ‘f’ in ‘of’ blotted out. It seemed stuck. Valerie’s eyes watered, looking at the once beautiful gift. She croaked out a word, “Ruined.”

Francine looked at her. “No, it’s not. It’s even more beautiful. It’ll always remind me of your willingness to give your life for me. Just like those scars remind me that you refused to stop loving and forgiving me in the midst of my betrayal of your trust. It’ll remind me every day that I have a reason to go on.”

Sally added her perspective. “Val, I look at that collar and see a miracle. You live now because I forgot a key. If I’d remembered, that bullet would be in your throat, not your collar. If Master wants it repaired, so be it, but I love it just the way it is.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the men from Lowe’s to install the new hot water heater. Sally showed them where to install it. During the two hours the men were working, the three worked on getting the rest of the furniture arranged in the house. They even set up the third bedroom, upstairs, with Sally’s bed from her apartment, anticipating the occasional times when they might be commanded to deny themselves each other.

After the men left, it was almost 7:00 at night. Francine said, “Val, Sally. I’m beat. I’m going to turn in. I’ve been sleeping a lot, almost eleven hours a day. Helen says it’s my depression. You two should go out and enjoy yourselves, maybe play at Mephisto’s. You’re going to be doing a lot for other people’s expectations tomorrow; you should take some time for yourself.”

“Are you sure you’ll be all right?” Sally asked.

“Yes. I won’t hurt myself. You’ve given me reason to stay alive, even if the reason to live isn’t there yet.” All three understood the difference between the two concepts.

“What do you think, Val? You feel like playing tonight?”

Valerie nodded, and then pointed to her throat.

“Yes. You can’t talk. You know, you could take me without having to talk.”

Val put her hand to her chin, pretending to consider it. She nodded, a big smile on her face.

“That’s a scary smile. I love it. Can you smell my juices?”

Francine called out from the bedroom, “Don’t forget to ask Master for permission.”

“Thanks.” Sally called Charles.


“Master, this is Sally.”

“Yes, Sally. What can I do for you and Valerie?”

“Master, we would like to ask for permission to play with each other tonight.”

“I see. What do you have planned?”

“We hadn’t made any plans. We thought we should get permission first.”

“Very good. Yes, you have permission. Valerie can’t violate any of her medical orders from Dr. Waston.”

“I understand, Master.”

“And I expect a full report of your activities before you retire for the night, from both of you.”

“Yes, Master.”

She hung the phone up, turning to smile at Valerie. Valerie raised her hand and with a crooked finger bending, summoned Sally into the bedroom. There, she grabbed hold of Sally’s arms, pinning them to her sides and shook her head.

“Yes, Mistress, I won’t move.”

Valerie packed a bag with a variety of bondage equipment, dildos and vibrators, as well as the strap-on she had used on Sally earlier in the week. She placed a collar on Sally’s neck and cuffs on her ankles and wrists. Then she stripped Sally of her clothes, leaving a naked submissive standing in her bedroom. Reaching down to her cunt, Valerie found that Sally was already becoming aroused by the prospect of being dominated.

Valerie inserted three fingers into her pussy, rotating and wriggling them. When Sally moaned in pleasure, Val put a finger to her lips, indicating the need for silence. Sally stood there, her cunt being pleasured, trying to stay quiet in her arousal. Valerie changed hands, bringing the sopped one up and smearing Sally’s juices over her face. Sally was beginning to tremble, the arousal and need to stay quiet taking its toll on her. When Valerie’s other hand was as soaked as the first, she stopped stimulating Sally and wiped her hand on Sally’s chest, coating her breasts liberally, pinching then a couple of times to see if Sally would make any noise.

Val pointed to Sally and to the floor to indicate that she should not move. Val went to the closet they shared and picked out some clothes for Sally. Bringing them back, Val indicated that Sally should put them on. The leather skirt barely came down enough to hide her bare pussy and the matching leather halter left everything below her breasts visible. A pair of stockings held up with garter straps came barely above her knees. Sally’s pair of three inch high-heel boots that laced directly against her legs was the crowning touch. The feel of the straps was like mini-bondage on her legs.

Indicating that Sally should remain still again, Valerie dressed herself. The shelf bra that she’d worn when she was with Rachael started things out. Over this she put on a translucent blouse she had. She skipped panties and donned a pair of slacks that matched the blouse. Her uncovered feet were slipped into a pair of open top sandals. She added the lace gloves from the Rachael episode and was ready.

Taking a leash, she clipped it to Sally’s collar. Pulling down on the leash, Val forced Sally onto her knees. Valerie wriggled her toes and Sally, understanding what was wanted, kissed Valerie’s feet, licking them and laving a sheen of wetness from toes to ankle. That task completed, Valerie pulled Sally back up and led her out to the car, placing her into the passenger seat. Valerie drove them to Mephisto’s.

Sally was in heaven, able to submit to her lover. She understood that this would happen less often than the reverse, but she was savoring that it was happening. She felt delightfully decadent in all that she wasn’t wearing. She could smell herself all over her face and the wetness that had been on her breasts was not drying, trapped in the leather halter. Sally could tell that Valerie had something wicked planned for the night. Her imagination tried to conjure up what Valerie would do that didn’t involve inflicting pain of any sort. So used to pain as an integral part of any play, Sally found her imagination not up to the task.

She got her first hint when Valerie parked in Mephisto’s parking lot. Valerie turned to Sally and stuck three fingers into her own cunt, coating her hand with juice. Each time she extracted her fingers, she wiped the fluid off on an exposed part of Sally’s body; belly, face again, back, legs. When she finally climbed out and pulled Sally out by her leash, Sally’s entire body glistened with pussy juice. She was a walking aroma billboard for sex. Sally could feel embarrassment and humiliation growing; as she was led into the club looking like she had already been well used by a multitude of people.

Inside, Valerie asked for a room with a curt, “Room,” to save her voice. Key and bag in hand, she led Sally through the club, taking a long indirect route to get there. On the way, they encountered Steven and Surmi. Surmi saw them first, pointing them out to Steven.

Steven led Surmi to the pair by her own leash. “Valerie, Sally. What have we here? Are you dominating Sally, Val?”

Valerie nodded, saying to Sally, “Speak.”

Sally picked up on the curt answer. “Yes, I’m submitting to Mistress Valerie. That sounds so wonderful, ‘Mistress Valerie.’ She can’t speak, her vocal cords are bruised.”

“What is that drying all over your body?”

“That’s Mistress’s juices. She painted me with them in the car. I can’t get her smell out of my nose, not that I want to.”

“So, Val, have you overcome your aversion to whipping?”

Surmi flashed Valerie a knowing smile while Val shook her head.

“Oh, this I have to hear about. Dominating Sally without pain. Please let me in on all the details later, will you?”

Val had a thought and pointed at Steven and Surmi, then at her eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

“Would we like to watch? How about we play together, a pair of dominants with their submissives?”

Valerie nodded her head with a smile at Surmi, making a bite motion with her mouth. Surmi smiled and shuddered; pleasantly surprised that Valerie would offer that joy for her again. The two couples finished the walk to the room Valerie had been rented. To Sally’s ears, the sound of the door closing was like a cage shutting, trapping her in a room with a tormentor that she knew not the intensions of.

The room had several hooks on the walls and ceiling, a St. Andrew’s cross and stocks. Valerie led Sally to the stocks, bending her over and locking her in. Unlike the stocks at Charles’ basement, this one had no leg restraints. The spreader bar that had been packed came out and Sally’s legs were forced four feet apart. In the bent over position, Sally’s skirt covered nothing, being simply a piece of leather wrapped around her waist.

Steven had secured Surmi to the ceiling, her hands pulled up enough that she had to lift her heels off the floor. He was explaining to her, while Valerie was still securing Sally, how the game they were going to play worked.

“Surmi, I’m going to put clamps on your nipples, your pussy lips and your clit. Then I’m going to whip you 25 strokes. If you cry out at all, we’ll restart at one. If you take those strokes without a sound, I’ll take a clip off. Then we start over to let you earn a second clip removal. The clip on your clit comes off last. So you’ll have to take 125 strokes silently, to get that one off. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Steven started putting the clips on Surmi, taking his time and making sure each nipple was fully erect before placing a clip on it. While that was going on, Valerie had bent down in front of Sally’s face. Looking into her eyes, lust radiating from her face, she said one word, deep and almost with a growl, “Mine.”

Sally shuddered, seeing that intense might be an understatement, loving every second of her helplessness at the hands of her lover. She whispered back, “Yours, totally and without mercy or reservation”

Valerie couldn’t believe how she felt. The rush from the power and trust was almost orgasmic in and of itself. She actually found that she was a little frightened of how she felt. She placed a blindfold over Sally’s eyes and inserted a vibrator into her pussy. The vibrations providing the base of what was to be inflicted on Sally, Valerie walked about her, caressing an occasional part of her body. Val took her time, not rushing. Sometimes she would let a minute or two go by between touches. The slap of the whip on Surmi was an erotic counterpoint to the minimalism that Valerie was employing. Sally didn’t realize it, but she was experiencing a small preview of her gift.

All Sally knew was that this was excruciating. Valerie’s caresses were so infrequent that her anticipation made them almost painful when they occurred. The constant low-level stimulation in her cunt was driving her wild. It was enough to keep her aroused, but not enough by itself to give her an orgasm. She needed Valerie to be more aggressive in her touches, yet Valerie wouldn’t be so. Sally was twitching between Valerie’s caresses, and jumping at them.

While Valerie went around torturing Sally with anticipation, Surmi was stoically taking the lashes. On the 24th stroke, she deliberately said “Ow.” She was choosing to take a chance that she could keep quiet much later, when she was in much more pain, to get more than the 125 that Steven had planned as a minimum. At first, she had been able to pay attention to what Valerie was doing, smiling to herself as she saw a version of what was planned for tomorrow. Soon, she was lost in her own world, soaking up the pain, deciding how much she could take before the vocalizations would be impossible to keep in.

After half an hour, Surmi had only one clip removed from one of her breasts. Sally was writhing almost constantly, trying to find Valerie and get just a little more touch. Sally’s juices were dripping down her legs and she was breathing raggedly. Valerie was finding herself hot, incredibly in need of a fucking. She took her blouse off and whipped it against Sally’s back. The light fabric was incapable of causing pain, but so unexpected was it, that Sally screamed. Val took it and draped it over Sally’s head, letting her smell the perspiration that Valerie had left on it. Then she walked away from Sally, leaving her moaning in the ongoing frustration of unreleased arousal.

Going over to where Steven was whipping Surmi, she watched as he whipped her, counting out loud (since Surmi was supposed to not make any sound). “Slap21Slap22Slap23Slap24Slap25.”

Steven walked up and pulled the clip out, stretching Surmi’s nipple before pinching the end, letting it release and causing Surmi’s tit to collapse back into itself. As he backed up, he bumped into Valerie who reached around and fondling his erect cock and rubbing her still clad pussy against his leg. When he reached down and felt between her legs, feeling the completely soaked crotch of her pants. She whispered to him, “Fuck me.”

Steven needed no more invitation. He spun around and pulled Valerie’s pants off. With them still wrapped around her legs, he lifted her bodily off the floor and shoved his cock into her cunt. Valerie groaned in pleasure, almost a growl as Steven lifted her up and slammed her down onto his cock over and over again. Surmi and Sally, bound and waiting for more of what they craved, groaned as they were forced to listen to others pleasuring themselves while they suffered.

The brutal fuck that the two engaged in was to be short lived. Both were so aroused that little was needed to send them over the edge. Valerie came first. As she felt it hit, she planted her mouth over Steven’s and crushed his head against hers. Her cries were trapped in his mouth and her cunt spasmed against his cock, drawing his own orgasm out of him; splattering cum inside and onto her pussy, as he kept thrusting into her while he came.

When he let her down, she led him to Sally (after kicking her pants off the rest of the way), placing his cock at her mouth to be cleaned off. Sally greedily gobbled him up, slurping every drop of cum and pussy juice off of him, reveling in the touch of someone on her somewhere. In the background, Surmi was begging, “Master, please whip me more. I want to earn release for my clit. Please Master, pay attention to your pain slut.”

When his cock was cleaned, he went back over to Surmi and began the next 25. So worked up was the maiden of pain, that she had to restart four times at one before she could control herself. Valerie placed her pussy into Sally’s face, making her spend the next 20 minutes moaning into Valerie’s pussy as Sally cleaned every drop of cum from the outside and inside. Valerie made her keep at it until she had another orgasm. Now Valerie was ready for stage two of her plan, formed in the last few minutes.

She pulled the vibrator from Sally’s pussy and walked around to have her clean this off as well. While she licked it off, she begged herself, “Mistress, please let me cum, I need a cum so badly. Please, it’s so hard, I can’t take it anymore. May I cum, please?” Valerie said nothing, pulling the vibrator out of her mouth and kissing Sally deeply, holding her mouth captive for minutes, tasting the cum and pussy all over her face.

Valerie then moved to Sally’s pussy, knelt down and began to slowly and gently lick at the outer folds of her lips. Sally bucked at the blessed contact, moaning, “Yes. Yes. Thank you, Mistress, thank you.”

Slowly, Val used her tongue to bring Sally closer and closer to orgasm. When she felt the familiar feelings of Sally’s imminent release, she stopped, backing away.

“Nooooo! Mistress, please, don’t stop, please let me cum.”

Valerie listened to the ongoing pleading, running her hands along Sally’s back, running her fingers through the sweat that was accumulating on her body. Surmi had managed to get another clip off, this one coming off of one of her pussy lips. Sally’s pleading had reduced to a whimpering of tears, the submissive now realizing what Valerie intended to do. Valerie took Sally’s face in her hands and licked her cheeks, consuming the salty tears that flowed from her eyes.

“Please, Mistress, can I cum? I so need to cum.”

Valerie leaned her mouth next to Sally’s ear and whispered, “No.” Sally sobbed in the realization that she would end the night as she had left Valerie on many occasions, aroused and frustrated. While desperate to cum, willing to undergo anything to get one, her heart leapt at the knowledge that her lover was capable of such domination. She steeled herself to give Valerie as much in denial as Valerie had ever given her.

Valerie was back at Sally’s pussy, bending her mouth to its pleasant task once again. She noted that Surmi had to restart the latest round of whippings at 13, two clips still on. She licked at Sally’s pussy, letting her tongue delve into her cunt with each stroke, timing the laps with the strokes that Steven was inflicting on Surmi.

Over the next half hour, Surmi had managed to get the second to the last clip off and Valerie had taken Sally to the brink another three times. Sally had been reduced to tears; her body tense with desire for release, knowing it would never come. Surmi had restarted the last batch of strokes 5 times, unable to hold back the cries. Valerie, bending next to Sally’s head asked, “Limit?” Sally shook her head, biting her lip. “Close?” She nodded. Sally’s face was streaked with tears, her legs covered in her own juices. Her breasts, still encased in her halter were aching, having never once been touched, the erect nipples poking painfully into the leather that bound them.

“Be back,” she whispered, before she walked over to where Steven was announcing that they had to restart again. She saw that Surmi was on the edge, unable to stop the pain by keeping quiet anymore. She took Steven’s arms and made a pantomime motion of herself kissing Surmi, acting as a living gag. He nodded, and helped her quietly place a stool in front of the suspended woman and climb on it.

He whispered in her ear, “These will be the hardest I can do and your arms will be on the receiving end as well.” Valerie nodded. As Valerie saw Steven rear back for the first stroke, she grabbed the shocked Surmi, planted her mouth over the tear streaked one and held on. For 25 strokes, Valerie consumed Surmi’s cries, keeping her quiet when she couldn’t. In the distance, Sally was crying out, begging for her Mistress’s return and touch.

At the finish, Steven asked Valerie, “Would you do the honors?”

While Surmi was gasping out, “Thank you, Mistress. Thank you, Master,” Valerie stepped down and grasped the clip on her clit and pulled on it. Surmi screamed and Valerie released it, sending the scream into overdrive. As she hung there, crying, Valerie made a swapping motion with her hands. Steven nodded back.

She walked back over to Sally, running her hands through her hair. Sally was still crying, begging for a cum. Valerie put her finger on Sally’s lips. She leaned in close, while Steven did as well, and whispered, “No cum from me. Convince Steven and you can.”

Sally looked around for the master she could not see. “Master, please let me cum. Please, I so need to cum.”

As Valerie walked back to Surmi, Steven explained, “If you can take 25 strokes without crying out, I’ll fuck you until you cum as many times as it takes me to cum. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Master, I’ll keep quiet, I’ll earn my cums.”

Valerie moved the stool out of the way, pulling the suspended lady close to her. Surmi’s pussy was dripping, her legs thoroughly covered in a mix of pussy juice and sweat. Valerie’s head was even with Surmi’s breast. Her other hand went to the oriental woman’s cunt, plunging in and raping it, not just fucking it. Valerie could hear the whip strokes coming fast and furious against Sally, making it actually easier for Sally to keep quiet for the needed length of time. Valerie placed her mouth on Surmi’s breast, taking her entire areola into her mouth, the teeth resting on Surmi’s skin.

Surmi gasped, realizing what Val intended. “Please, Mistress, please. I need it. I want it. Bite me, bite me, please.”

Valerie released long enough to say, “Cum first.”

Surmi began thrusting herself against Valerie’s hand as much as she could, trying to race towards the cum that would earn her the blessed pain she so craved. Valerie drew it out, avoiding Surmi’s clit whenever she could. Five minutes of hand fucking went by. Surmi was panting, straining to reach that release. Valerie’s hand was dripping Surmi’s juice. Then Val bent her hand slightly, letting her palm rub against Surmi’s clit. Seconds later, Val felt the first quivers of orgasm in Surmi and bit down, hard. Surmi screamed, her body shaking in a pain reinforced orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Valerie increased the pressure from her mouth steadily, her mouth filling with tit. Then, as Surmi’s scream faded, she heard words from Surmi that she never had expected to hear. Surmi uttered her safe word, “Red light.”

Valerie let go immediately and undid the ropes holding her suspended. Sally’s scream of pleasure as Steven took her cunt in a violent fuck was a counter point to Valerie sitting down next to the collapsed Surmi, asking her, “Are you okay?”

“Yes. That was so fantastic. I just needed you to stop. Thank you, thank you so much. How do you feel?”

“Okay. For whatever reason, biting doesn’t bother me like whipping and clipping and such. Maybe because Mike and I would occasionally bite during sex, so it feels erotic, not like hurting. Of course, we never drew blood,” she commented, dabbing her fingers at the ooze of blood on Surmi’s breast, coughing at the unwisely long utterance.

Surmi reached out and fondled Valerie’s pussy, finding it very wet, ready. “Do you want?”

Valerie smiled, lay back and nodded. Surmi fingered Valerie’s pussy, driving the highly aroused woman to another orgasm in short order. Valerie noticed that she felt no discomfort at Surmi’s ministrations, smiling at the small bit of progress in her quest to become more available sexually.

Steven had released Sally, and they joined the other two on the floor. The smell of sex was strong, but it wasn’t enough to recharge any of the four, spent from their play. Sally was looking very satisfied, glowing in the afterwards of a long needed cum. Surmi was fondling her bite mark, feeling as satisfied for somewhat different reasons. Valerie was winding down from that power she had felt, feeling the need to be the submissive once again. She knew that she would have plenty of chances to return to that role tomorrow. Steven, far more dominant that he was submissive, was enjoying a quiet revel in the presence of three submissives, sensing Valerie’s relinquishment of domination.

After 15 minutes of relaxing and recovering, they rose and went home. Valerie looked like she had been used, rather than using, her clothes stained with pussy juice and cum when she put them back on (Steven had used her blouse as a condom, forcing Sally to eat his cum from the silk). Once they were home, they each sent an email to Charles, describing the events of the night in great detail, from their own perspectives. Sally and Valerie crawled into bed together, once they were done, after peeking into Francine’s room to make sure she was all right, falling asleep within minutes.


The smell of frying bacon roused Valerie from her slumber. Opening her eyes, she saw Sally lying next to her, her body looking lovely, coated in the residue of the hard use she had been subjected to last night. Valerie stroked her hair, brushing her cheek. Sally’s eyes opened, a smile coming to her face at the memories of last night.

“That was so fucking fantastic. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“I didn’t either. Is it always that powerful a rush, that feeling of power and trust?”

“Yes. When someone gives you the trust and you can do whatever you wish, take him or her places they’ve only dreamed of, that is a rush. Some people can’t handle it. You have to rein that power, keep it under control. When you have a submissive that gives full trust and is wonderfully aware of herself, like you, you’re able to let go, bathe in the feelings.”

“Sally, I know how I feel when I’m submitting, experiencing sensations that have me begging and sobbing, but what were you feeling when I had you in tears, begging for orgasm?”

“Oh God, you would ask that. I love dominating you and others. I love submitting. When I submit, I let go of all the power I enjoy and put myself in the hands of someone who will make me feel powerless. That’s what I felt when I was crying and begging for orgasm, for touch, for sensation. I felt powerless. I know you feel an incredible need to please, that you revel in our pleasure at your suffering. Me, I bathe in powerlessness, helpless to stop what is happening. It’s such a rush, such a glorious feeling.”

“I have to be honest, Sally. I can’t do that very often. By the end of last night, I had to stop. I couldn’t do the dominating thing anymore. I think I’m so powerfully submissive that I can only dominate for short periods. I’m sorry; I’m not going to be able to give you that helplessness very often.”

“Valerie, it’ll be just fine. I’m more dominant than submissive and Master can meet a lot of my submissive needs. You’re my icing on the cake. You made me feel so wonderful last night. The desperation and helplessness of knowing you could leave me hanging and never get me off was so fantastic. And giving me to Steven at the end, letting him force me to hold my screams to get release. That was so incredible. Being passed around amplifies the loss of control. By the way, did you bite Surmi? And draw blood?”

“Yes. I discovered that night you were torturing me with denial all day, that she craves that kind of pain, and that it doesn’t push my pain button. You should see the look on her face right afterwards. It’s almost enough to bring tears to your eyes. She says no one else will bite her. Why not?”

“Master is really uncomfortable with anything that even resembles blood play. He sees it as incapable of being made safe. I don’t know if Master will order you to stop that when he finds out or let you and Surmi define your own limits. I hope the latter. I haven’t seen that level of satisfaction in Surmi since I’ve known her. You might want to include antibiotic in your traveling bag.”

“Hey, you two. Are you going to lie around all day, or can I interest you in breakfast?” Francine had stuck her head in the door,

“I could be talked into breakfast,” Valerie said. She got up, and without a second thought, she walked naked into the dining room.

Francine looked at her walk out of the bedroom, apparently unaware that she was naked. She looked at Sally, a question in her eyes. “She’s a submissive, a natural submissive.” Sally got up and, staying naked herself, followed Valerie into the dining room. They devoured the breakfast of bacon, French toast, orange juice and hash browns. Francine watched them, so obviously in love with one another, wondering if she would be able to feel that kind of love again.

After breakfast, Sally and Valerie took a shower together, having grown fond of starting their mornings that way. By mutual agreement, they didn’t engage in anything sexual, saving themselves for the afternoon and evening. When they came out of the shower, they were shocked to find that Charles was waiting in their room.

They both ran to in front of him and knelt, crying out, “Master! Welcome to our home.”

“It’s good to see my little submissives. I was wondering, though, when you were planning on telling me that you were almost killed.”

Valerie was crestfallen. “Master, please forgive me. It was so bad and we just wanted to try to forget it. And if I did, it would give away what my gift will be to you.”

“I see. I’m disappointed. You’ll have to be punished. Lie down on the bed, on your back.”

“Yes, Master.” Valerie climbed on the bed, spreading her arms and legs to be tied to the corners of the bed. Charles slipped leather cuffs on Valerie’s wrists and ankles, tying them to the corners of the bed with ropes. He pulled a cat out and stood over Valerie.

“Valerie, how many lashes should you receive for not telling your Master that you were almost killed?”

“Master, I don’t know. More than 25, I would guess.”

“You’d be right. Tell me how many lashes would assuage your guilt at this transgression.”

Valerie was afraid. She knew she had the tendency to ask for far more harsh a punishment than Master would otherwise ask for. “Master, I’m not sure. If I must choose, I would say 50.” Her voice quavered, unsure of herself. She was trembling in her bonds, terrified of her own desires.

“You are a glutton for punishment. 50 it shall be. You’ll have a beautiful set of marks on your front to go with your marks on your back tonight. You will count them, asking for each successive stroke.”

“Yes, Master.”

While Charles and Valerie were talking, Sally noticed that Francine was in distress, slumped against the door frame. She took Francine by the arm and helped her to her own bedroom. “Francine, what’s wrong?”

“He’s going to hurt her. II can’t take it. I can’t stand to see her hurt. If she stays submissive, II won’t be able to stay here.”

“Yes, you will. Tell me, did you feel like this when Valerie and I went to Mephisto’s last night?”

“No. In fact, I was happy for you two.”

The sounds of a whip hitting flesh, followed by Valerie’s voice. “Ahhhh. One. Thank you, Master. May I have another?” Another lash. “Ahhhh. Two. Thank you, Master. May I have another?”

Francine curled up, holding her hands against her head, trying to block the noise out. Sally pulled her quickly to the stairs, taking her down into the basement. When the door was shut, the sound of the whipping ceased, the soundproofing doing its job. Sally held Francine tight, letting her cry, the anguish at her friend being beaten pouring out of her.

Upstairs, the punishment continued. After the tenth blow, Valerie was crying unabashedly, struggling to get the count and request out each time. At 25 strokes, Charles stopped. He sat on the bed, stroking Valerie’s cheek and hair. All the marks on her were on her upper chest and breasts, or on her legs. Her stomach, with the large potential for injury, was left untouched, except for the stray lash from the multi-lashed whip.


“Yes, Master?” she got out between sobs.

“You can either take the rest of your 25, just like the first 25, or you can choose to take only five more on you pussy. Which would you prefer?”

“It’s so hard when you punish me, Master. It’s not like play. In play, I know you get pleasure from what I take, so I can take more. I’m so sorry, I can’t take 25 more. I just can’t. I don’t know if I can take five on my pussy either.”

“Do you want to use your safe word?”

Yes, Master, I’m so sorry. Red light. I’m so sorry, Master.”

“You have nothing to apologize for. This is why we have safe words. Never apologize for using it, never. I heard what Rachael put you through, how you went beyond your limit to get my gift. I am touched, truly touched that you love me that much. Don’t ever do that again, however. Respect your limits. You hurt Rachael, you know that.”

“Yes, Master. We talked the next day. I promised her, and I promise you, I’ll never go that far beyond my limits again. I’ll keep pushing them though.”

“Good. Let’s get you up. Sally also needs to be punished for not telling me. Once that’s done, you two can take another shower and then you’ll both tell me what happened. I promise I’ll act surprised at the ceremony.”

“Yes, Master.”

After releasing Valerie, they found Sally with Francine downstairs.

Sally said, “Master, Valerie, Francine can’t deal with seeing or hearing someone put into pain. It’s too much for her. We need to make sure that any play or punishment that takes place in the house is done where she can’t experience it, even vicariously.”

Charles knelt down. “Francine, I had no idea. If I had, I would’ve taken steps to protect you. Even observers should have a safety net. Let Valerie take you upstairs. Sally and I have some business to attend to.”

Valerie took Francine upstairs and to her room. Sitting on the bed with her, she tried to reassure her. “Francine, I’m all right. Feel these; there is no blood, no welts. He didn’t hurt me and he stopped when I used my safe word.”

“He stopped?”

“Yes. I asked for more than I could take and he saw that, gave me the chance to safe word and stopped when I did.”

“It’s too much for me right now. Maybe I should leave.”

“Don’t you dare! My friend is back, and she’s not leaving now. We’ll find a way to make this work. We have a soundproof basement. There’s no reason we have to play or punish where you have to see and hear it.”

“I don’t want to be a burden to you and Sally.”

“It’s not a burden to us. Francine, how are you going to be at the ceremony? At Mephisto’s?”

“II don’t know if I can. All that pain, all those people being hurt. You being hurt again. I’m so sorry, but I just can’t go.”

“Then don’t. We won’t be hurt by you taking care of yourself. I’m sure it’ll be recorded, and we’ll bring you a copy of the parts you won’t mind experiencing.”

“Thank you. I need that.”

“You know, Francine. This is a first step. You felt something, you really felt something.”

“I did. But it hurt. Will every feeling hurt?”

“No,” came the answer from the doorway. Sally was standing there, her chest and legs also marked by the whip, tear stains on her face. “There’ll be good ones as well. Don’t shy away from them. Feeling is living.”

They left Francine to rest her emotions and took another shower. Once they were out, they saw that there were two boxes on the bed, large ones from a dress shop. Opening, they saw that Charles had commissioned two gorgeous wedding dresses, sized perfectly for them. At their exclamations their door opened, Charles standing there.

“I knew that you wouldn’t have the time to find appropriate attire for giving one’s life to another. I know you can’t marry, but we can come as close as possible. Of course, brides don’t normally plan on stripping part-way through the ceremony. Be sure to wear something appropriate underneath for the gift giving portion of the celebration. Now, tell me what happened yesterday, and what secret was so important.”

They related the entire event at the hospital. Valerie described recognizing Harv’s voice as a threat on Francine’s answering machine, but not who it was. They both shared their perceptions of what happened on the steps and shortly afterwards. “Master, I was wearing the gift I intend to give you, letting Delgrasi Publications know what they would hire if they hired me. I hadn’t yet removed it, when Harv shot and the gift stopped the bullet that would have otherwise killed me. The bullet is still in it. Do I have to show you?”

“No. I think I understand. I’ll see it in a few hours anyway. I have to go to make preparations at Mephisto’s. I’ve arranged for a limo to pick you up at 2:30. Be ready.”

“Yes, Master,” they said together. Valerie added, “Master, could you make sure they have black lights on the stage?”

He raised his eyebrow. “Yes, that can be done.”

The next hours were spent in a nervous twitter, trying to get themselves perfect for the ceremony. It was hitting them just what they were doing. While not a wedding, it had all the emotional impact of one on the two women. They were going to stand in front of possibly hundreds of people and publicly declare their undying love for one another. They had no idea what a handfasting was, Surmi and Marcia having taken over all the preparations. Then, they were going to engage in more than one scene, in public, involving something they had never done before. Finally, they were to be auctioned, as a couple, to the highest bidder to be used for the rest of the night, well into morning, possibly.

By the afternoon, they were nervous wrecks, Francine having to remind them to even eat lunch. After lunch, she assisted them in getting dressed. First, they put on corsets. Both Sally and Valerie wanted them as tight as possible. It took 30 minutes for each woman to get her corset laced up to a satisfactory snugness. With their waists pinched to several inches below their normal size, they added the rest of their sub attire.

First Francine made sure that their make up was perfect, not just on their face, but on the eventually visible other parts of their anatomy. Then she worked with their hair, putting Valerie’s long hair in a bun, knowing that Valerie liked that effect in formal gowns, though she rarely had the chance to wear them. Sally’s shorter hair was trimmed so that it would stay out of her face, but otherwise left alone, given that she was one of those women blessed with cooperative hair.

Putting on their clothing, they started with lace stockings that came up to mid-thigh, attached to the corsets like they were garter belts. Valerie’s was white and Sally’s was red (because Valerie was a submissive virgin, mostly, and Sally wasn’t). Sky-blue lace gloves that extended up to almost their shoulders went on both their arms. Then the dresses themselves. These were actual bridal gowns, both a stunning shade of deep blue with white trim. Other than size, the two dresses were identical in appearance. Their veils reversed the colors of their stockings (Valerie had been married and Sally had never been in a life-long relationship before). The shoes were black high heels with straps that wrapped from the top of the shoe up to their knees.

Looking at themselves in the mirror, they were overcome with the beauty that stared back of them. Neither had ever been self-depreciating about their looks, but neither had they believed that this level of beauty was possible for either of them. The two women in the reflection were almost unrecognizable.

They gathered their things, gifts, toys and their wits, and were ready to leave when the limo arrived. Francine helped them get their things to the car and saw them off, waving at them as they drove off, tears in her eyes. She went back inside and settled in to wait for their return at some distant point in the morning. For the first time in weeks, she felt something. A little touch of happiness for her friends. It was brief and fleeting, the walls closing it off quickly, but she was able to savor it and turn it into something special, hope, hope that the future would be something worth traveling into, one day at a time.


The limo drive was uneventful. At Mephisto’s, they saw that there were no available parking places within four blocks. An incredible crowd had turned out. Sally noticed that there were a large number of rentals and out-of-state plates. It seemed that their love had become more widely known than they had expected. The limo drove them to the front door where Charles, Steven, and Robert were waiting to escort them inside.

On the inside, the floor was crowded with more people than they had ever seen inside before. There were already some submissives in cages, having signed up to be auctioned. The stage itself was empty. They were taken to one of the private rooms where Marcia, Surmi, and Debbie were waiting. After lavishing praise on the beauty they brought to the gowns, Surmi and Debbie took the two aside to find out what equipment they would need to give their gifts. Sally asked for a St. Andrew’s cross while Valerie asked for a basic bondage frame.

Marcia then briefed them on how the handfasting would proceed. “You’ll walk up to the stage from opposite sides, much like a bride walks down the aisle. Master will have some things to say to the crowd. Then each of you will, while holding hands, declare your love for one another, and any declarations of submission and domination. Then I will symbolically bind your hands and present you to Master where you’ll reaffirm your submission to him and present your gifts to him. Then, each of you will give your gifts to each other, Sally first, then Valerie. After that, I assume about an hour each, Master will give his gift to you. You’ll spend probably two hours on display before the auction. Then, it’ll be time for the auction and the two of you will be the first to be sold, as a pair. Once you’re sold, I doubt that any further plans will need to be made for you.”

There was a knock on the door. Steven opened it up and let Lilly into the room.

“Lilly, you made it. I’m so glad you came,” Valerie said.

“Are you going to be able to stay for the whole ceremony?” Sally asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ll try. I wanted to tell you, we, my boyfriend and I, tried out the things you lent us.”

“How did you feel about it?”

“It was so cool! He said afterwards that he had never had such an incredible orgasm. And feeling him inside me when I had mine was super.” She looked down to the floor. “We want to try it again. He wants to tie me up next time. He says he can give me lots of cums.”

“That’s wonderful, Lilly. I’m so happy for the two of you. Remember, never do more than you’re comfortable with. You know about safe words?”

“Yes. We use kumquat.”

“Well, that has the advantage of not being something that will be used by accident.”

They hugged the young lady and when she had gone back outside; they made last-minute preparations and headed out onto the floor. Robert led Sally to one side and Steven led Valerie to the other. There was another five minutes of waiting and then the ceremony began. The lights in the club dimmed even more than usual. Three spots came on, one on the stage, one on Valerie and one on Sally.

As they began to walk down the paths that opened up before them, the strains of Kathy Mattea’s Battle Hymn of Love filled the air.

I will pledge my heart to the love we share

Through the good and the bad times, too.

Till the battle is won, I will not run

To my death I will stand by you.

Valerie and Sally were in tears by the time they reached the stage. The song had expressed their feelings for each other so perfectly. They wondered how Marcia and Surmi had known. As the last strains died down, there was a quiet in the club normally heard only by the cleaning staff before opening. Charles walked up to the center where they stood, holding a microphone. He looked at the two lovers with a smile, turned to the crowd and began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Dominants, submissives, and romantics of every stripe, we are here to celebrate something that is rare in any world, let alone ours. Two souls have found one another, two souls that are a perfect match for one another. Most of us never find the one person we were destined for all time to be with. We’re here to celebrate that rare occurrence. Valerie Burbon and Sally Thatcher are soul mates who have, improbably, found themselves. They wish to share the joy they have found with the community that they have both embraced, and with other friends who wish to share that joy. Let us take hope from their love that we can find a love such as their own ourselves, to know the depth of passion that they now share and are allowing us to glimpse.

“That they are submissives pledged to myself only makes that joy more special to me. Sally is a wonderful submissive and dominant. Valerie is perhaps the most natural and true submissive that I have ever had the pleasure of being called Master by. In addition to a traditional handfasting, they’ll be pledging submission and domination to one another and to myself. After an exchange of gifts that you are invited to witness, they have asked that I auction them at Mephisto’s monthly charity auction. As most of you know, Valerie’s submissive trust was violated by a dominant, leaving her scared permanently. What most do not know is that the dominant in question was herself brutally attacked by one she thought loved her for the simple crime of being a dominant and wanting to share that with her lover. The physical wounds healed quickly, but the emotional wounds left her unable to safely participate in our play, unbeknownst to anyone at the time. The proceeds from tonight’s auction will go to establish a fund to provide medical and psychological counseling for people hurt by attacks such as this. I will personally match $10 for every $1 in proceeds from the auction tonight.” He waited for the applause to die down and concluded. “But enough about things sad, let us celebrate love tonight.”

He handed the microphone to Marcia and let her proceed with the ceremony. “Brothers and Sisters, we are here to witness the pledge of love and devotion between two soul mates. So that all may know the depth of your love for one another, tell us of your love for Valerie, Sally.”

“Valerie is the most loving and giving soul I have ever known. She is a shining beacon, an example of that most perfect of loves, the love that would lay down her life for another. Evil struck at Francine yesterday, and Valerie, with not a second of hesitation, put herself between her friend and the gun. She is with us today, only because she was wearing a symbol of her devotion to her Master, which you will see shortly. I was captured by her when, in her first days of submitting to our Master, she choose to suffer humiliation in my place. When she gives her submission, she gives more than I had thought it possible to give. I pledge that I will love her with all my heart, as the song described, and to accept her submission with the same depth and totality that she gives it with. And should she desire my submission, I pledge to try to match the depth that she gives myself.”

“Valerie, tell us of your love for Sally.”

“I am so blessed tonight. In the last month, I have found myself a submissive who so desperately desires to give of myself to a Master, and I have found Sally, the woman who completes me. She is passionate, loving, and honest. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. She loves Francine for no reason other than because I love her, deeply, as a friend. When we were attacked, her first thought was to make my friend safe. She has shared my joys, my heartbreaks, my desires and my loves. I have had the undeserved fortune to have found two soul mates in my lifetime, my deceased husband Mike Burbon and Sally. It was she who insisted that Mike’s picture have a place of prominence in our home, for the sole reason that I loved him, and still do. I pledge that I will love Sally with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul and all my will, now and until the end of time. I will submit to Sally in any way, at any time, that she wishes and my Master permits. If she offers submission to me, I will accept it with the same devotion that I give my own submission.”

“Valerie and Sally, extend your hands please. I am binding you together with three cords. The first is the yellow cord. It symbolizes fear. All change is fearful, and today, your lives change forever. As submissives, we learn to let our fear become our strength by giving it to our Dominants to be given back to us as, no longer fear, but courage.

“The white cord symbolizes trust. Living requires trust, and you have chosen to live your lives to the fullest, trusting each other with the most fragile part of any of us, our hearts. As submissives, we learn that trust is a gift we give to others, a gift that, when returned, is infinitely stronger than it was before we gave it.

“The red cord symbolizes love. Sacrifice requires love, and you two have chosen to sacrifice for one another, all that you are. As submissives, we all hope and pray that we can find one who can give us love as well as courage for our fear, who can give us strengthened trust wrapped in the armor of love, who can love us for who we are as we love them for who they are. These cords symbolize the fear, trust, and love that will make of your union a thing unbreakable, in this life, and in the lives to come.

“Master Charles Vanquil, I present to you the submissives, Valerie and Sally, joined to one another for all time. They wish to join with you as well, as your submissives, not because they wish an experience, but because they love and trust you. Sally?”

Sally and Valerie knelt before Charles. Debbie brought up a scroll, tied with a red bow, giving it to Sally. Sally lowered her head and raised the scroll up to Charles, saying, “Master, I thank you for the gift of your domination. Please accept my submission anew, along with this gift, a new contract between us.”

Charles took the scroll and opened it. His eyes grew wide as he read it. Softly he asked, “May I read it aloud?”

“Master, I would be honored.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen. I accept this submissive’s service and the gift she has given me. Allow me to show you the depth of Sally’s trust and love for me. ‘I, Sally Thatcher, give myself in submission to my Master, Charles Vanquil, for an indeterminate period of time. My submission can only be terminated by my Master’s and my mutual consent. I place no limits whatsoever on my submission, except those of my safe word. What he asks, I will obey, without question, until I reach my limits, which I will endeavor to stretch at every opportunity.’ Sally, this is a wondrous gift and I shall treasure it.”

Marcia turned to Valerie. Surmi was there with the case. “Valerie?”

“Master, my gift has two parts.” She reached in and took the key. “This is the only key, there are no others. I do not wish the ability to unlock what I am to give you. Master, I wish to declare to the world at large that I am yours. To that purpose, I have had these made for you. These cuffs and this collar will be on me for as long as you wish, publicly announcing to a world that would condemn me for it, that I have chosen to be owned by you. I place them on my body, but only you can take them off. It is my wish that you never have reason to do so.” Surmi held the microphone close so that the entire audience could hear the snapping of each lock. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. “Please accept my submission anew.”

“Valerie, I accept your gift and your submission. In the short month since you have discovered your submissiveness, your growth has been phenomenal. Your willingness to give of yourself has extended beyond that of a submissive giving to her dominant, but as a person, you naturally and without hesitation give of yourself to those you perceive as weaker than yourself. Your gifts, both of your submission and your public declaration honor me.

“Now it is my turn to give the happy couple a gift. My gift to you, Valerie and Sally, is the opportunity to demonstrate to the assembled here today, the nature of your bond to each other. Sally, two weeks ago, you had the opportunity to share in Valerie’s submission and pain in a unique way. Today, Valerie will have a similar opportunity to share in your pain and submission. However, you two are a bit overdressed to receive this gift. Surmi, Debbie, will you assist our lovers in preparing themselves?”

The gowns were removed, revealing the nearly naked forms within. A murmuring arose when Valerie’s scars were revealed. Many had no idea the level of raw abuse that Valerie had been subjected to and were shocked by the amount and vividness of the damage on her back and legs. Sally had her arms stretched above her head, cuffed together, and attached to a suspended rope from the ceiling. Her feet were just able to touch the ground. No other restraints were put upon her. Valerie was knelt down five feet in front of Sally, her arms cuffed behind her. Her ankle cuffs were snapped to eyebolts in the floor of the stage (they flipped up from concealed recesses) while a spreader bar kept her knees two and a half feet apart. She was bent over backwards slightly so that she was looking into Sally’s eyes, her wrist cuffs connected to her ankle cuffs by a length of rope.

Charles brought a small box out. Wires from the box were strung towards Valerie and small circular pads, much like EKG leads, were attached to her pussy, at the lips on either side and directly on top of her clit. A fourth wire was strung to Sally, with a small microphone taped to her chest, just below her throat. Valerie was gagged. Charles flipped a switch on the box and then approached Sally.

“Are you ready to be whipped for your Master’s pleasure?”

“Yes, Master.” To Sally’s horror, as she spoke, Valerie gave a muffled shriek and her body jerked, as if someone had whipped her pussy.

“Yes, Sally. The electrodes on Valerie will shock her every time you utter a sound over a certain volume, such as a scream. I intend to whip you until one of you uses your safe word.” He turned to Valerie. He addressed the crowd as he watched Valerie. “Ladies and gentlemen, two weeks ago, Valerie chose to give her safe word to Sally. She was subjected to an intense whipping to her limits, but only her sister submissive could give the safe word. Today, I give Valerie the same choice as then. Valerie, I’m placing the signal ball in your hands. If you drop it, that will be the signal that you are once again giving Sally your safe word. You should know that any sounds Sally makes beyond a normal speaking voice will cause you pain far greater than the pain she will be feeling from the whip. Here is the ball.”

Charles placed the ball in her hands. Valerie was frightened, scared of what she had been offered. She would truly be sharing Sally’s pain and suffering, and if she gave up her safe word, she would be trusting Sally to stop before it got too much for either one of them. She felt her trust and love rise up and she made the only decision she could. The ball slipped out of her hand and slowly bounced across the stage, each bounce against the floor, seeming to echo loudly in the room, the crowd crying out at what they had never seen or heard of before, the transfer of a safe word.

Sally listened in horror. She knew before Valerie did what choice Val would make. She was to be given the crushing responsibility of Valerie’s unconditional trust. She knew that Valerie wasn’t just trusting her to stop in time, but to let it go for as long as possible, to give Master the maximum submission that the two of them could. Only this time, she would be holding that trust while she herself gave her trust to another, to receive pain while protecting her lover. Looking down at Valerie, she saw the ball drop and bounce away, all the while Valerie was smiling behind her gag and nodding her head. Valerie would trust Sally with her life.

“Valerie?” Valerie jumped at the shock. “Limits?” Valerie jerked again, but nodded her head. “I won’t hold back.” Valerie smiled in the midst of another jolt of current. The crowd’s murmurs grew more intense, as the exchange, overheard in the front rows, was passed back. Soon all knew that Valerie had asked that Sally not hold back, that she would accept every shock from every cry.

Charles waited for the murmuring to die down, then picked up a cat and walked behind Sally. With no preamble, he began. The first blow struck, and to the amazement of the crowd, Sally called out, “One. Thank you, Master.” The words sent shocks into Valerie’s sensitive pussy, her muffled cries audible over the hush that had fallen on the crowd. Charles delivered the strokes at a slow steady pace, once every five seconds. Sally counted the first 24 before she was unable to do anything but scream as the blows landed. Valerie’s body writhed in pain; all centered on that most sensitive of places.

Both women had tears running down their faces, as the pain came over and over again. Sally was in tears from not just the pain, but from the extreme effort to remain focused on Valerie and what she was enduring. The effort, she knew, would bring her own limits sooner, but she was frightened for Valerie. A sense of satisfaction also filled her, for she wondered whether she might, through this gift, be able to in some way share the limits of her lover. With Valerie experiencing more pain that she did, they may well both reach their limits together. Valerie, on the other hand, was mixing tears of pain with tears of joy. The gift she had been given by her Master was indescribable. She was truly sharing in Sally’s experience. She felt, not only pain with Sally, but she also was feeling a little of that helplessness that her lover craved. She felt that she could understand what Sally felt when she described the glorious feeling of powerlessness. It was a level of sharing that most lovers never get to realize.

After the 50th stroke of the cat, Charles stopped. He changed implements to a crop and walked around to the front of Sally. He traced the end of the crop up the wire that hung down between her breasts, diverting long enough to poke at each nipple. Sally tried to keep her breath shallow and of low volume to give Valerie a respite as well.

Charles started the crop working on Sally’s flesh. He went at a fast pace, the crop swishing back and forth, hitting different places in rapid succession. It did not take long before Sally was crying out in near constant yelps, subjecting Valerie to near constant electric shocks. Valerie was writhing in pain and crying out as much as the gag would let her. While the box only delivered a maximum charge as powerful as a 9-volt battery, sweat and pussy juice are very conductive and a woman’s cunt is the most sensitive area on her body when fully aroused, which Valerie’s was. Through her own haze of pain, Sally could see that Valerie was not ready to stop, her limits still somewhere in the future. For fifteen minutes, the two submissives were subjected to near constant agony of two different sorts.

When Charles stopped again, Sally and Valerie looked into each other’s eyes, trying to communicate through the pain and tears. Sally could tell that Valerie was close, but still not there. Sally herself was feeling not too close. She was sure that Valerie would reach her limit first. Then she saw Valerie’s eyes go wide, her head shaking back and forth in terror. What Sally could not see was the cane that Master had picked up and was aiming at Sally’s ass.

The first blow from the cane so caught Sally by surprise that she let out a keening wail that lasted almost a minute, during which, Valerie writhed at the maximized shock that seemed to go on interminably. The second blow hit and Sally was unable to help herself, her scream seeming endless. Valerie was horrified, wanting to desperately stop the scene, but unable to. Her lover subjected to another blow from the cane was more than she could bear the thought of. She saw Charles set up for a third stroke. She willed Sally to say the words. The blow hit and Sally’s scream was barely intelligible as “Red Light!”

The cane dropped to the floor. Before he released anyone, Charles turned the box off, ending the shocks that Sally’s convulsive sobs were causing in Valerie. Sally’s cuffs were freed from the rope and she crawled to Valerie to hug her. Both women were asking the other if she was okay while Charles undid the bondage that Valerie was in. The crowd was talking amongst itself. They weren’t sure just how the two did it, but there was a level of communication between the two that was uncanny. Many couples were envious of the connection Sally and Valerie shared; an envy that wanted to embrace something like it as their own.

Finally released from their bondage, Sally and Valerie knelt before their Master and thanked him for the gift he had given them. He lifted their heads by the chin and said, “I’m looking forward to what you have to give each other.” The cross was being wheeled up onto the stage, in preparation for Sally’s gift to Valerie.

Standing as she segued from submissive to dominant, Sally attached a leash from the bag that Debbie had brought up to the stage to Valerie’s collar. Valerie knelt upright, her hands clasped behind her back, eyes looking down.

“Valerie, will you accept my gift, unseen, no matter what it might be?”

“Mistress, I love everything you have to give me, be it pain, pleasure, frustration, or your occasional submission. I accept your gift and eagerly await its being inflicted upon me.”

“Follow me.” Sally led her to the St. Andrew’s cross, having her stand against it; her cuffs tied to the wood with rope snaked through the rings on them. Taking a long piece of rope, Sally wrapped Valerie’s left arm against the cross, from her wrist all the way to her shoulder. Valerie’s arm was pressed firmly against the wood and couldn’t move at all. The only part of her arm-length glove that remained visible was the hand covering. She repeated the process with her right arm and both legs, those being wrapped from ankle to hip, the knot at the hip being teasingly close to her pussy.

Next, rope was lashed around her corseted stomach, pressing Valerie’s torso against the wood. When completed, the white figure eight lashings against her body contrasted with the black of her corset, creating a visually stunning work of art. Valerie was unable to move any portion of her body except her head.

Sally turned to address the crowd. “My dear Valerie has given me many things in her submission. Her pain, her tears, her denied orgasms. Tonight, I give her something that I have never given her before.” She turned to Valerie and, looking her in the eyes, announced, “Valerie, you may cum as many times as you are able for the next hour.”

As Sally reached up and caressed her breasts, Valerie cried out, “Thank you, Mistress, thank you for your wonderful gift.”

Sally ran her hands over the exposed portions of Valerie’s body, which were quite limited, thanks to the ropes and the corset. Valerie was moaning at every touch, every iota of contact with her lover. Standing on the frame of the cross, Sally leaned up to Valerie’s mouth and, just before locking her in a passionate kiss, whispered, “I wonder if anyone has a safe word limit in orgasms. Let’s find out, shall we?”

In the midst of that kiss, Sally dropped a hand down to Valerie’s cunt and ran her fingers along the engorged and slick folds of her pussy lips. Valerie cried out into Sally’s mouth, her hips bucking pointlessly in her bonds against the hand that was her cunt’s best friend right now. When Sally broke the kiss, Valerie cried out “Fuck me, Mistress, fuck me hard and fast. Please take me and make me yours.”

Sally slipped three fingers into Valerie’s cunt, thrusting them in and out while her mouth continued to ravish Valerie’s face, kissing her mouth and cheek and neck, leaving little trails of saliva on her. After several minutes of hand fucking, Sally brought her thumb into play, pressing it to Valerie’s clit. Valerie screams in ecstasy as she hurtled towards her first climax of the night. As Sally felt that she was close, she whispered in Valerie’s ear, “Cum for me, scream out your pleasure and let the whole world know how much of a slut you are.”

Valerie shuddered in her orgasm, her inarticulate voice screaming in pleasure. Her arms and legs totally immobilized, all the intensity of her climax was centered in her pussy, creating an intensity that Valerie had not thought possible. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “That’s one!”

Sally smiled and whispered to Valerie as she came down from her orgasm, “He ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Sally brought her hand to Valerie’s mouth where the bound submissive greedily licked herself off of her Mistress. “No rest for the wicked,” she commented, and Sally knelt down and licked the free flowing lubricant off of Valerie’s cunt. Valerie, barely on the wind down from her first orgasm, cried out as Sally’s tongue made contact with her still sensitive pussy flesh.

Sally looked up, calling out, “What do you want, Valerie?”

“Orgasms, Mistress, I want to cum over and over again.”

“What does that make you?”

“A slut, Mistress, I’m a slut, hopelessly and shamelessly a slut.”

“Whose slut are you?”

“Master’s slut and your slut. I belong to Master and you.”

“Then show everyone just how much of a slut you are.”

Sally drove her tongue into Valerie’s pussy, licking the inside folds, drinking up the copious amounts of wetness that were being produced. With every stroke of her tongue, Sally’s nose brushed against Valerie’s clit, sending her voice into yet another scream. When her next orgasm hit, her scream was vaguely heard by those in the outer lobby of the club. A small knot of onlookers where the first had occurred, yelled out, “That’s two!” Several masters had begun caressing their submissives on the floor, holding them in their arms and driving them to orgasm as Valerie was being driven.

This time, Sally didn’t stop. She continued to give Valerie a tongue fuck through her orgasm, forcing the next to start just as the first was dying down. And again, unrelenting stimulation that forced four more orgasms to stumble upon themselves in their rush to be expressed. A larger and larger chorus of voices cried out the count. “That’s three!” “That’s four!” “That’s five!” “That’s six!”

Sally back off, giving her submissive lover a short rest, a chance for her corset-encased body to catch up on the breathing that it had fallen behind on. Sally’s entire face was awash in Valerie’s juices. It had dripped down onto her chest and was running down her back. She licked her lips, savoring the luscious taste of her lover’s pleasure. Valerie’s head hung in exhaustion, her eyes the only part of her that showed excitement. Sally could see the plea that went unspoken in those eyes. “More, give me more.”

Sally reached into her bag and pulled out a strap on that Valerie had not seen before. After attaching it to herself, Sally stood and reached her hands around Valerie’s neck. “What do you want, slut?”

“Fuck me, Mistress, fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me senseless.”

Sally inserted the dildo into Valerie’s pussy and reached down to press a rubber covered button, starting the vibrating head of the dildo. Valerie moaned as she felt the head of the realistic fake cock begin to vibrate inside of her. Sally began to thrust in and out of Valerie, slowly at first, letting her feel every inch slide past her pussy lips, letting the vibrations flow through her entire cunt.

Sally’s face was within reach and Valerie, seeing and smelling herself, licked as much as she could off of Sally while she was pushed towards her next orgasm. Sally steadily increased the pace, plunging faster and faster into Valerie, with more and more raw force. Like a car coasting down a hill, Valerie raced towards her next cum with increasing speed, crashing at the end, her body shuddering to the limits of its bonds as she screamed yet again, to the accompaniment of the entire room yelling, “That’s seven!”

Dildo still embedded into Valerie’s cunt, Sally whispered, “Have we found the orgasm limit yet?” Valerie shook her head, coming down off the latest climax. “I guess we’ll have to keep searching for it.” Valerie nodded, the sweat on her face flicking onto Sally’s.

Sally began to fuck Valerie again. This time, no pretense of gentleness, but an acknowledgement that this was an orgasm quest. Valerie got just what she had asked for; she was fucked hard and fast, plunging headlong towards senselessness. Her voice gave evidence to the hard use she was being subjected to, the energy she had been expending in her enforced pleasure. Her breath was ragged, coming in short gasps, all her corseted body could manage. In the back of her mind, Valerie realized that she was actually approaching a limit, her body at the end of its ability to absorb what she was experiencing. She held out, wanting every cum she could squeeze from her body.

Another orgasm broke across Valerie’s body as the crowd cried out, “That’s eight!” She could feel the end coming and she fought it, forcing her body just a little longer as Sally fucked her through that orgasm, not even slowing, and drew yet another out on top of the last, the crowd crying out, “That’s nine!” Valerie saw blackness edging into the periphery of her vision and whispered in Sally’s ear, “Red light.”

Sally stopped, holding totally still. Whispering back, “Red light?” Valerie nodded as her vision cleared, her chest heaving as much as the corset allowed, air, blessed air, flowing back into her body. Sally stepped down, extracting the plastic cock and turning off the barely functioning vibrator as she removed the harness. She unwrapped the ropes from Valerie slowly, giving her the time to rest without it looking like a rest break. By the time Valerie was down, she was breathing normally.

Sally kissed her deeply and whispered, “Is my gift submission or domination?”

Valerie answered by pressing down on her shoulders. Behind them, several men were changing the cross for a basic box frame. Sally knelt before Valerie and waited for what was to come. All she knew was that Surmi had somehow helped Valerie with this gift. Her secret wish that Valerie could somehow manage to whip her was too much to really hope for.

Valerie clipped a leash onto Sally’s collar and led her around the stage, showing off her lover and the glistening wetness that was Valerie coating Sally. The circuit complete, she led Sally to the frame and locked her in, the rings on her cuffs being snapped to carabineers on the frame. The straps between the carabineers and the frame were pulled tight, stretching Sally taut, spread eagle in the center of the stage.

Surmi gave the prearranged signal and the lights on the stage dimmed; a red spotlight on Sally the only visible illumination. The only hint of the black light that was also illuminating the stage was the glow that Valerie’s white stockings gave off. Valerie put a blindfold on Sally and called out to her, “Sally, I require your submission. Will you accept all that I have to give you tonight?”

“Yes, Mistress, I accept your gift, no matter what it is.”

“Then I choose to give you that which I thought was impossible for me, beyond my limits.”

Sally’s heart leapt, hoping against hope. The inflicting of pain was the only thing Sally knew was beyond Valerie’s ability to give. Could it be true?

Valerie retrieved her cat, and with a practiced flourish, unveiled it’s now glowing strands for all (except Sally) to see. Valerie walked around Sally, whirling the strands, letting Sally hear the swishing of the air as it was whipped into submission. She brushed the strands against Sally’s back, causing her to flinch, the anticipation building in Sally.

Sally knew there was a whip. She could hear it, feel it being dragged across her back, her breasts. She wanted more, much more. She craved the helplessness of pain inflicted with no recourse but to accept it. The crowd saw Sally becoming more and more aroused and anxious and the first blow had yet to land. Sally was whimpering, in desperate need for something, anything. She cried out, “Please, Mistress, please.”

“Please what?” Valerie answered loudly.

“Whip me, please whip me.”

“Very well.”

Valerie spun the whip in a fast circle as she walked around her lover, seemingly contemplating where to strike. Sally was whimpering, crying tears from beneath her blindfold, with nary a stroke touching her body. The first blow landed against her back, Valerie’s full strength behind it. Sally screamed, more from relief than from pain. She cried out, “Thank you, Mistress. May I have another?”

Valerie drew the strands of the whip over the top of Sally’s head, aware of the knot in her own stomach. As planned (she saw Surmi give her a thumbs-up off to the side), she dragged out the play until the knot faded. She brought the whip handle to Sally’s face, forcing her to kiss it and suck the cock shaped handle into her mouth. Over and over, the strands were lightly brushing across Sally’s skin. The bound woman was beside herself, craving the next stroke with an intensity she had never felt before.

The second blow landed unannounced, directly across Sally’s breasts. “Thank you, Mistress, may I have another?” Valerie inserted the cock handle into Sally’s sopping pussy, coating it with juices and traced little letters on Sally’s body in her own wetness. She lightly flicked the strands against Sally’s legs, letting them wrap all the way around. These brushes were so gentle as to cause no pain, but enough to ratchet up Sally’s anticipation. By the time the third blow hit her seven minutes later, Sally was sobbing her head off, begging for pain.

The crowd saw the unbelievable, a sobbing sub whose tears only stopped when she felt the whip hard against her body. Valerie continued this leather version of the Chinese water torture for almost an hour. Single blows interspaced with minutes of caresses, brushes and fuckings by the whip. Sally was crying profusely, begging for minutes at a time for the next blow. Valerie, drawing on years of experience at capturing attention with ads, had the crowd in her hands as well. Almost no one in the crowd knew that the long delays were to respect Valerie’s limits. They were shouting encouragement at her play, voicing their own desires for quicker and slower strokes.

Nine strokes, fifty minutes. As the ninth stroke fell, Sally sobbed, “I can’t take it anymore, please another, please, Mistress. I red light the waiting, I red light the waiting.” Valerie braced herself and delivered two more strokes, both against Sally’s pussy, then dropped the whip, her stomach in an uproar. She went up and embraced her lover, crying herself at the effort needed to deliver those last three strokes in rapid succession.

“Thank you for that incredible experience, Mistress.”

“I love you, Sally, I love you so much.”

Valerie released Sally from her bondage and they stood in front of the crowd. Charles came back onto the stage and they both knelt at his feet, bending down and kissing them. Charles took a microphone and addressed the crowd. “Ladies and Gentlemen, my submissives, Sally and Valerie.” He paused for the applause to die down. “We have one more gift to bestow tonight. Our gift to you, our brothers and sisters in the lifestyle. Tonight is auction night. I will be auctioning off these two slaves as the first slaves off the block tonight. One lucky, and generous, Dominant will have the use of these slaves for the rest of the night. Once we have them cleaned up from their exertions, they will be on display in cage number one.”

They were led on leashes to the shower area of the club and allowed to strip and wash their bodies. They showered together, under the same spray, holding on to each other and gently caressing while the water washed most of the accumulated fluids away.

“So, you were practicing on Surmi, finding out what you could and could not handle?”

“Yes. She helped me come up with the whole routine, the spaced out blows, the taunting caresses of the lashes. I so wanted to be able to give you something special, something I’ve never done before. I hope you enjoyed it.”

“It was so wickedly humiliating and power-stripping. God, I loved it. You so have to do that again sometime, when you feel up to it. You didn’t go too far for yourself with those last blows did you?”

“No. Right up to them though. Those orgasms, so many, so fast. I can’t believe you drove me to red light on orgasms. And after all those denied ones this week, I loved it. I want to try for 15 next time, if Mistress allows a next time.”

“I may make you earn them, but I think we can come to some sort of arrangement. We should go out and put ourselves on display now. Who do you think will win us?”

“I wouldn’t mind Fred and Daphne winning again. Rachael said she was going to try as well.”

“I want a guy to win, maybe a group of them. I so want to be fucked, to feel cum inside me and all over me.”

“That would be great. But truthfully, I want someone, anyone who will use me hard, make me submit to the depths of my soul. I want to feel like a slave, not just like a submissive, with the love of my life. It would be the perfect climax to this celebration.”

“Yeah, it would. To leave knowing that we’ve been the best slaves we can be would make this a perfect day.”

They left the showers, where Charles led them totally naked to the sign-in area for the auction. They needed to fill out the forms that listed the restrictions on their use. They agreed that they wanted to give the maximum they could and only put restrictions down where they had total disgust for the activity, such as blood sport, scat and water sports. Other than Valerie’s restriction on pain being inflicted on her back, they left every level of pain open. The forms signed, they were led to cage one and Charles himself put them into their display bondage.

They were stood apart from each other, their backs to one another. Their ankles were fastened to the floor, with their legs spread three feet apart. Each had their hands bound in binder gloves behind their backs, the laces tied so that their elbows were only an inch apart. They were then leaned back until their shoulders rested in two slings. They were at the level where their heads were horizontal to the floor and laying next to each other. Each could feel the hair of the other draping down past their ears to hang below them. A small bar was attached to their collars, locking them down, neither able to lift her head without pulling on the other one painfully. While uncomfortable looking, they were actually able to rest on the slings, saving their muscles from serious exertion. Blindfolds were added so that they couldn’t see who was inspecting the merchandise.

They knew that it wasn’t yet 6:00 and that they’d be displayed this way for over two hours. There was a near constant parade of people, many who came simply to offer their congratulations on finding their love or at the incredible scenes they had provided. Valerie’s scars received a fair amount of attention as well. Many asked about how it had happened and how bad it had been.

One in particular touched Valerie’s heart. A young lady, Valerie would have been shocked if she had been a day over 20, could be heard crying as she knelt beneath Val, tracing the scars one by one. There was sadness and fear in those tears.

“Honey, do you want to talk?” Valerie couldn’t see it, but the girl was alone in the cage with them. The next man in line recognized something different about the unaccompanied submissive in front of him and made sure that the line didn’t progress while she was there.

“Is it allowed?”

“Yes. Why are you crying?”

“It’s sohorrible. Iis it wrong to be scared of what happened?”

“No. I was scared when it happened.”

“Could that happen to me?”

“The best way to keep it from happening is to have a Dominant that you know can be trusted. Good ones don’t want to do this.”

Tears fell on Valerie’s face. The girl was struggling to say something and it wasn’t coming out.

Valerie tried to put her at ease. “Is there anyone else around?”

“No. They’re all waiting I think.”

“Then you can tell me anything and it will be just the three of us. I promise I won’t tell anyone anything you want to keep secret.”

Sally added, “That goes for me, too.”

“Sometimes, when I dream, I’m being whipped like you were, with cuts and blood and stuff. And I wake up horny and needing to cum. Am I evil?”

“No dear, you’re not evil. Do you want it when you’re awake?”

“No! It terrifies me. It would be like going back to my family, letting my dad do things.” Her last words were cut off, choking as her fear and grief threatened to overwhelm her.

“It’s okay. Secrets, remember. Your dad would beat you?”

“Yes, and rape me. I couldn’t stop it; sometimes I didn’t feel like I wanted to. Is that why I want to be tied up and used?”

“No! That’s part of who you are. But your dad twisted it. Do you have a Dominant yet?”

“No. I’m scared that I’ll pick someone like him.”

Valerie knew she was treading on dangerous ground. She couldn’t imagine how much good would come from an abuse victim going from her abusive situation straight into the lifestyle. This girl needed help and was reaching out in the only way she knew how; to the only person she could imagine could understand her. She needed counseling, not domination.

“What’s your name honey?”

“Lisa. Lisa Green.”

“Lisa. Your fear of picking someone like him is smart. Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Do you remember what my Master looks like?”

“Yes. He looks really strong.”

“He is, more than you can imagine. I want you to go to him, right after you leave me, and tell him that Valerie sent you to him. Can you tell him everything that you’ve told me? Are you strong and brave enough to do that?”

“II think so. He won’t hurt me, will he? Like you were hurt?”

“No. He hates that people get hurt like I was. He’ll make sure that no one ever hurts you like this. But it will be hard for you. You’ll have to learn how to not pick people like your dad. Do you want that?”

“Oh yes. I want a strong man who will protect me and keep me safe. I’ll do anything to be safe.”

“Then go find my Master. His name is Charles. Okay?”

“Okay. Thank you for talking to me.”

They heard her run off. Valerie asked Sally, “Can Master help her?”

“If he can’t then he can find who can. He did for Francine.”

The people continued to come and look them over. Sally and Valerie found themselves being fondled at times, their cunts, asses, and mouths being poked and prodded with fingers. No one had touched her last month when she was on display. She could only imagine that Master had allowed it. She and Sally were both highly aroused and moaning slightly when a familiar voice perked them up: Lilly.

“Oh my God, you two are so beautiful. I saw the whole thing. I think I get it now.”

“Get what, Lilly?”

“Careful, you might get into trouble if you call me by name. For all you know I’m some powerful Mistress who could get mad.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. What do you get, Mistress?”

“I understand why you do it, why you let people whip you, use you, and humiliate you. You love him, don’t you?”

“Yes, very much. So much that I want to do anything to make him happy.”

Sally added her own comments. “It’s not that way for everyone. Some people are into it for the incredible sex. That’s where I started, and Valerie I think. But as we came to love Master, we let him demand more of us.”

“I know. I saw you up there and I could tell how much you love each other and him. It was so incredible. I could never do it myself, and it’s a little hard to watch still, but I’m not scared for you anymore, I don’t think.”

“That’s wonderful, Mistress. It’s a long way from Master’s house and how badly you felt when I had to drink my dinner through a straw.”

“Lilly, how did those cuffs that I loaned you work out?”

They could feel her lean in close to whisper her answer. “It was fan-fucking-tastic. He lasted longer than ever before and he loved it, too. Where can I get some of my own?”

“Lilly, keep them as a gift from us to you. Enjoy them. Have you thought of letting him tie you up?”

“Yes.” The lust dripping from her voice was thick. “He promised me lots and lots of orgasms if I let him.”

“You go, girl.”

There was one more familiar voice that addressed them; at least it was familiar to Valerie. Erika piped up, “Hello, Valerie. This is my Master.”

“Master Damien. It’s a pleasure to meet you, sort of.”

“So this is the little submissive who has excited my Erica. I understand you’ll be working in the same office as she does.”

“Yes, Sir.” She and Sally could both feel his hands tracing lightly along their bodies. Like their own Master, he seemed to be an expert at provoking a sexual response from almost any touch at any place on their bodies.

“I intend to ask your Master Charles for your services in monitoring little Erika’s obedience in the office. She would, of course, monitor yours as well.”

Valerie and Sally were having a hard time staying concentrated on the conversation. “Ohhh. Master Damien, you’re really good at this. Ahhhh. I’d be very happy to assist Erica in any way she needs. Uhhhhh.”

“Do you have permission to cum?”

“Not explicitly, Sir,” Sally answered.

“Too bad,” he said as he took his hands away from their bodies.

Finally, the time came. Master came and unhooked their collars from each other, allowing them to stand. Softly, he commented, “Valerie, I talked to Lisa Green. She’ll be working at the house while she receives appropriate therapy. I highly approve of your initiative in the matter. She won’t be submitting before she has been cleared for it by Dr. Gloush.”

Sally mused, “What was meant for evil has been turned for good.”

“Yes, it has.”

Once they were standing, a chain was used to connect their collars together again, with just enough slack for them to stand side by side. Gags were added and a leash clipped to the chain between them. He then led them to the stage, to the chorus of whispers. The auctioneer’s voice came over the loud speakers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the monthly slave auction at The Mephisto Club. Today’s first lot is a special treat. A pair of female slaves well trained in submission and the pleasing of men and women. These sister sluts are soul mates, deeply in love with each other, with their Master, and with their own submission. Their offering contract has the fewest restrictions on it that I have seen in over a year. They promise a wonderful night for any Dominant who wins them.” She ran her crop through their pussies, showing the glistening of their juices on the end. “Now, as you can clearly see, the mere prospect of hard use for the rest of the night has them already on the verge of climax. Just imagine their levels of responsiveness under your hands, whips, or whatever else you intend to inflict on them. Shall we start the bidding at $500?”

The bidding did start at $500, but left that mark well behind in short order. The barker would interrupt her spiel at times to run her crop over some part of their body, eliciting a groan or moan from the women. When the excitement died down, the final bid was $3200. The auctioneer called him up to take possession. “Come on up, Sir Calvin, and claim your prize. Don’t hold back now, you’ve paid dearly for them.”

“I have no intention of holding back. Come along, slaves, I intend to get my money’s worth from you.”

Valerie started, recognizing the voice as that of Calvin Freshin, the man who called to give her the interview at Delgrasi. His voice was much harsher than it had been over the phone. He led them at a brisk pace, forcing them to trust him implicitly to not lead them into obstacles. They heard a door open before them and their shoulders just brushed against the door frame of one of the private rooms. They were positioned to one side of the room and their blindfolds were removed.

Sir Calvin was the only other person in the room. He was dressed in street clothes: jeans, flannel shirt, running shoes. There was a large leather bag, about the size of a golf bag, next to a table that had a series of ropes suspended above it. Against one wall were a series of eyebolts at foot level and six feet up. Holding a crop in one hand, he started to speak.

“You will find me a different Master than you’re used to. The only way to please me is to endure everything I inflict upon you, without complaint. I was most impressed by your ability to submit together, to levels that I suspect are far greater than what you can take alone. I intend to explore how far this ability extends. You may not speak to me or to each other in any way. You will not remain gagged, for reasons that’ll become apparent. Any disobedience will result in the other slave being punished. I know your safe words, and they’ll do just fine. Do you understand your orders so far?”

They both nodded. He stepped forward and removed their gags. “Valerie, get up on the table.” She climbed up, needing help since her arms were still locked in the binder glove behind her back. Sir Calvin climbed up with his bag and set up a series of slings that he placed Valerie into, so that she was suspended above the table by about three feet, facing down. Her feet were spread with a spreader bar.

Jumping down, her set the bag on the floor and turned to Sally. “Get up on the table.”

“Yes, Master,” she said before she could catch herself. Sir Calvin’s crop lashed out and hit Valerie’s nipple, causing her to cry out. Sally looked at Valerie in alarm, relieved to see a wink coming back at her, telling her it was okay. Once on the table, her binder gloves were removed so she could lie down on her back to be tied out spread eagle. Their faces looked at one another, a mere two feet apart.

Then, two plastic bags full of water were withdrawn from his bag and suspended from the ceiling near their legs at different heights. Both bags had rubber tubing coming out of them, in a somewhat complicated arrangement. At the ends of the tube contraptions were two more bags, empty. He took a tube of lube and coated the outer area of each ass. Then each had a nozzle inserted into their ass several inches. Once in, he operated a small hand pump and they could feel the tube inflate inside them.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. By now, you have figured out that you’re getting enemas. They will both fill at the same time. Once you’re full, I will close the valve and you will be unable to expel the water until I release the exit valve. If you feel that you can’t stand the pressure any more, say the word, ‘release.’ Whichever one of you lasts the longer will receive five blows directly on your pussy, while the water is still inside. Nod your heads if you understand.”

They both nodded their heads. Each could see the other one’s eyes go wide as the implications made themselves understood. One of them was going to suffer pain, the likes of which, neither had experienced before. Only by pushing their limits could they save the other from that fate.

As they looked into each other’s eyes, he released the valves and cold water flowed into their bodies. Both cried out in shock as their insides dropped in temperature, fast. Each could see the other’s belly begin to expand as the water filled the lower bowels, pushed on by the pressure of being two feet above each of their asses. As the last of the water flowed in, he locked the valves on the Bardex tubes and walked about them, watching.

Valerie felt the first cramping, her body wanting to expel the mass filling her bowels as soon as possible. Sally’s cramps followed shortly afterwards, spurred on by the same soap that had been added to Valerie’s solution. The need to go and the pain from the cramps brought tears to their eyes. Sir Calvin would occasionally brush the edge of his crop against their nipples or clit, adding to the sensations that were pouring over them.

Sally had been given an enema before and knew that she had very little resistance for this particular pain. The thought of a pussy cropping on top of all of this was terrifying her. After five minutes, her eyes looked pleadingly at Valerie, begging for understanding and willingness from her partner. Valerie, herself wondering if she could take much more, having never had an enema before, recognized the panic in Sally’s face and, steeling herself for what was to come, nodded her head vigorously.

Sally cried out, “Release!” Sir Calvin stepped back to her ass and twisted a valve, allowing the water inside of her to flow out into the collection bag that lay on the floor. Without comment, he took the crop and flicked it hard against Valerie’s pussy, causing her to scream as the involuntary jerk at the pain, set the cramps off even worse. He waited ten full seconds and delivered the second of the five blows. She jerked and screamed again, the agony of clenching in pain with a belly full of soapy water being excruciating.

As the five blows were delivered, Sally could only watch in tears, as any word she spoke would result in more punishment for Valerie. As Valerie’s tears dripped onto her face, she mouthed the word “Sorry.” Valerie shook her head, mouthing, “It’s okay,” to reassure Sally that she was able to take it. Valerie gave full vent to the pain, screaming and sobbing in an attempt to make it a miniscule bit more bearable. By now, both ladies had realized that there would be no sex tonight. Sir Calvin was about pushing the boundaries of their ability to take pain and discomfort.

After the fifth stroke against her pussy, while she was still screaming, the valve was released and the water poured out, the release of pressure and the cramping almost orgasmic in intensity. As he proceeded to remove their enema nozzles, he thought about them to himself.

“They’re in touch with each other. I think Valerie is a protector. She will suffer anything to keep others safe. Her ability to suffer is immense. For others, I doubt she has a limit. Sally feels a need to protect Valerie as well, but has less capacity, or believes she does. How would she react if she was the only thing between Valerie and unimaginable suffering?”

He raised Valerie’s suspension another two feet and set up an unusual apparatus that looked like an erector set construction. Suspended on two small platforms, their wicks just touching the tips of Valerie’s nipples were placed two candles. The little platforms were mounted on springs and had rings mounted on the under side. He then attached nipple clips to Sally’s nipples. A chain was attached to the rings on the underside of the platforms, with the other end attached to Sally’s nipple clamps, pulling the platforms down a full nine inches. The tension pulling up on Sally’s tits was excruciating, causing her to cry out in pain. To Sally’s horror, he then lit the candles.

“Sally, you may ask for the clamps to be release at any time, and I will. I don’t have to tell you what the result will be if you do. Eventually, the candles will burn down enough so that the flame won’t touch Valerie’s breasts when they’re released. All you have to do is endure the pain that long. Valerie, you may ask for Sally to be spared at any time you wish and I will release her clamps, with the predictable result. I shall enjoy watching you. Oh, you may speak to each other as much as you wish.”

Sally yelled out, “Don’t you even think about it, Val! I can do this. You wait, you just wait.”

“They’ll go out quick, it’ll be okay.”

“No! No! Not your choice. My choice. Ahhhh.” Tears of agony flowed from Sally’s eyes. She looked into Valerie’s eyes, pleading for Valerie to let her do this, to protect her as Valerie would protect Sally in the same situation. As the springs pulled relentlessly against her nipples, stretching them obscenely, she screamed out in pain, holding herself flat so as to not let those hated candles ascend even a fraction of an inch.

Valerie saw the look in Sally’s eyes, the desperation, not for release from the pain, but for the pain to continue. She wanted to spare her lover the pain, but realized that the emotional pain of watching Valerie being scarred by the candles would be infinitely worse for Sally. It became clear what Sally had to be protected against, not the pain of the clamps, but the pain of watching helplessly. The helplessness Sally would experience at watching Valerie seared while unable to stop it would be vastly beyond her limits. Her love for Valerie, however, would give her the strength to endure the torture on her breasts. “You’re right, Sally. You can do this.”

For 30 minutes the clamps bit into Sally’s nipples, pulling relentlessly. Sally cried and screamed in agony, refusing to ask for release, watching the candles slowly burn down. Blessedly, they were faster burning candles. Sally had seen candles that long that took three times as much time to burn down the length that was needed. All during that time, Valerie encouraged Sally, telling her how much she was loved and how brave she was. Both their hearts were tearing, breaking at the thought of how much each had to endure or was in danger of enduring.

Finally, Valerie said, “Sally, I think it’s safe. Let him.”

“Are you sure? I can’t tell.”

“Yes. Do it.”

“Master, please release me.”

Sir Calvin stepped up and released both clamps at the same time, one last blast of pain rocketing through Sally’s nipples as a result. Valerie watched the candles, unsure of how far they would bounce up towards her breasts. She watched in shock, as the candles went out the instant they started back up. The only thing to hit Valerie’s breasts was a small splatter of candle wax, eliciting a wince before the wax quickly cooled.

The release of tension caused Valerie to break down, sobbing uncontrollably. Sally opened her eyes in panic, seeing Valerie crying and the candles no longer lit. “Val, Val, what is it?”

“They went out. They went out when he released them. It was always safe.”

Sally’s mouth hung open for a second, and then she broke out laughing. “It was a mind fuck; it was a wonderfully devious mind fuck.”

Sir Calvin gave a small laugh himself, “Yes, I so love my mind fucks. My own slave can never tell when I’m playing with her mind, because I’m not always doing so. I’m very pleased with the two of you. You are truly soul mates. Your ability and willingness to sacrifice for each other is phenomenal. Would you like to play one more game?”

Valerie spoke up. “Master, we are simply slaves that you have purchased. Any game you wish to play, we’ll play. If I may say, Sir, thank you for the opportunity to plumb the depths of our love for one another.”

“Good. First, I need Sally to turn around.” He undid Sally’s bonds and had her turn around so that her pussy was directly below Valerie’s face. After rebinding her, he draped a small platter, about an inch across, over Valerie’s head by four chains that connected at one point. He lowered her again, until the platter was three inches above Sally’s body, centered one inch north of her pussy. In the platter, he placed another candle, this one different looking.

“This candle can’t be blown out, it has one of those gag wicks. When I light it, I will start whipping your belly, Valerie. Now, the more your head moves, the more wax that will spill on Sally. Your self-control, Valerie, will determine how great a waxing Sally will get.”

But Sir Calvin was not finished. He turned Valerie face up and erected another contraption on the ladies. Just north of Valerie’s pussy, he suspended another small platter. Four chains were fixed to the cardinal points of the platter and extended down past Valerie’s body and connected behind Sally’s head. He placed another candle on this platter.

“Sally, any movement by your head will tip the platter and drip wax onto Valerie. I will also be whipping your belly. Each of you has the ability to control how much waxing the other receives directly.”

He lit both candles and stepped back, letting then build up a little melted wax before he started slapping the crop against Valerie’s and Sally’s bellies, back and forth. Initially, both were able control themselves, holding their heads still. But the flicks of the crop came in rapid succession, over and over again. The pain from each flick didn’t have a chance to fade at all before the next one struck. In spite of her higher pain tolerance, the more precarious position, suspended as she was, caused her to jerk first. Wax tipped out of the candle and dripped onto Sally’s pussy from a meager height of six inches. The pain, coming as it did without warning caused her to jerk, spilling wax on Valerie. The hot splashes were more than either could stand without movement and the cascade of jerks and wax spills continued, both crying out as hot wax fell onto sensitive flesh. Drip after drip of wax, off random sides of the platters, dripping onto a random spots of flesh. With the cascade started, Sir Calvin stepped back and let the two women continue the torture of themselves. It wasn’t until each had been coated with enough wax to form an insulating barrier, that they were able to regain control and gain respite from the sensations that had assaulted them for the last 30 minutes.

Once they were back in control, Sir Calvin extinguished the candles and released the two submissives from their bondage. Both knelt before him and kissed his feet. Valerie expressed both their sentiments. “Master, thank you for accepting our submission and using us hard. It was a wonderfully intense experience and we hope that we’ve been pleasing to you in some small way.”

“You have both exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased and will be letting your Master know how well you performed for me. You may rest here until your Master returns to collect you. You may not pleasure yourselves in any way until he gives you permission. Good day, slaves.”

“Good night, Master.”

Valerie and Sally rested against the table, drained from the extensive play they had experienced this night. They peeled the wax from their bodies, grateful that Master insisted on shaved pussies. It was some 30 minutes before Charles entered the room, followed by the other submissives in his group. Seeing him, they both rushed to their knees and waited for him to speak.

While he spoke to Val and Sally, Steven, Robert, Marcia, Debbie, and Surmi gathered their things in preparation to leave. “Sir Calvin tells me that you were especially pleasing tonight. I’m very proud of you both. Your ceremony and gifts are the talk of the club. Everyone wants to see you one more time. On your feet, you have a slave walk to perform.”

They stood and Charles attached leashes to both of them. Leading their naked bodies out into the main room of the club, they were paraded through the club so that all could see them. Many of those they passed called out words of encouragement and good wishes. After making two complete circuits of the floor, they returned to the shower room and cleaned up a second time. They were dressed in their gowns again and taken back home by the limo. As they left, Charles gave them permission to play with one another as they wished on Sunday. Monday, they were to start checking for instructions again.

They checked on Francine before they went to bed, pleased to see her smiling in her sleep, the first smile they had seen on her since the crisis 13 days ago. The two lovers went to sleep in each other’s arms, lives rebuilt from adversity and hope looming on the horizon. 36 days ago, Valerie was a pent-up executive looking for a good fuck to relax herself with. That woman was a stranger now, her life totally changed. The straight, vanilla woman who had hidden from love to escape the pain of loss, had found the submissive bisexual inside who could love freely and openly. The future opened before them, a future that was unpredictable, but eagerly anticipated. Valerie and Sally, along with their old and new friends would face that future, no; embrace it with a zest for living that would be unmatched.

The End


Francine would recover after four years of therapy. She would return to the lifestyle of BDSM as both a dominant and a submissive. True to her word, Valerie would be the first person to submit to Francine after her recovery. Francine would also use her skills as a programmer to create an online database of dominants where submissives could learn about those they sought out safely.

Lilly would quit her job at Branford and Gashune after Natalie returned from maternity leave. She did go to school and learn to become a stylist. She opened her own shop and gathered a large specialty cliental among the fetish community as someone who would cater to a fetish’s needs with more dignity and grace that Divine’s Devils. She and her boyfriend stayed active in the scene, becoming regulars on no pain Wednesdays. Working with Francine, she was instrumental in getting Painmaster banned from Mephisto’s by demonstrating that all of his victims were emotionally unable to make safe decisions

Lisa Green would get the therapy she needed and her father would be convicted of numerous counts of child rape and incest. Once healed, she would find a good dominant to submit to. She was also hired by Lilly as a piercing and tattoo specialist.

Charles continued his ways of finding new submissives and training them in safe and sane play. His stable of submissives would be in constant flux as submissives came and went, but Sally and Valerie would remain constants in his house. He would eventually find his own submissive soul mate, Nadine, and take her for his bride. She welcomed the fellow submissives that would enter and leave their house, assisting them in their training. Together, Charles and Nadine would have several children.

Sally would go freelance as a disaster preparation specialist. This freed her to raise the child that she and Valerie would adopt. The house was eventually fitted with a full dungeon, allowing them to take on some of the training duties when Charles’ need to raise his family kept him from devoting as much time as he used to. Play dates between the two families frequently coincided with more mature play dates at the other house. They would keep their participation in the lifestyle secret from their child until she discovered the basement when she was 16. That conversation would make a story all its own.

Valerie would spend the rest of her life as Sally’s partner in life. While her friendship with June would never be the same, she did ask June to return as her secretary at Delgrasi Publications. Val was not only able to increase the quality of the ads in their magazines, but spearheaded a drive to attract more traditional advertisers as well; animal supply shops discovered that there was a market for things like collars and riding crops among the BDSM crowd, for example, and many companies were helped to see that fetish players bought normal stuff too. She became an outspoken advocate for safety issues in the lifestyle, teaching monthly classes on safe play at Mephisto’s.

The Transformation of a Moslem Woman – Part 5


Zainab got little sleep that night. In the morning, Mohammed had to go to a seminar. Feeling safe that Vineet was going to the same seminar, Zainab slept late, and then took a long shower. She made sure that she closed the curtains tightly before she did.

As she showered, Vineet used his pass card to get into the door. Fortunately, Zainab hadn’t locked the inside lock after Mohammed had left. When Zainab emerged from the bathroom with a towel in her hand, she saw Vineet. She gasped and held the towel in front of her body.

“You can drop the towel, I’ve seen you naked,” Vineet chuckled.

“How… What… why aren’t you at the seminar?” Zainab stammered.

“It was a mandatory meeting for Mohammed, but not for me. Mohammed will be tied up for several hours.” Vineet was holding a plastic bag. “I brought you a gift.” Zainab stood holding the towel in front of her as Vineet placed the bag on the dresser, and pulled something out of it. He held up what looked like tiny white bikini bottoms. “I got you a new bathing suit. I liked the one you wore yesterday, but I think this one will look even better. Put it on,” he ordered.

Down in the pool area, Jiten and Kumar, Mohammed’s two co-workers, were sitting in the Jacuzzi with several of their employees. Also present were the three young men that reported to Mohammed: Wilson known as Will, Bijender, and Mukesh.

“Where’s Vineet?” asked Jiten. “He said he was going to meet us here.”

“He said he was bringing a guest,” answered Kumar. While they waited, they couldn’t help but brag about watching Mohammed and his wife fucking the night before. Mohammed’s three subordinates had all had the hots for the older Zainab since they met her, and eagerly pushed for details of her body and sexual techniques.

Vineet entered the pool area with Zainab. Vineet quickly stripped off his shirt and joined them in the Jacuzzi. All eyes were on Zainab again, as she pulled off her shorts. Under the shorts she wore white thong bikini bottoms. Vineet chuckled at the sight of his employees’ eyes popping out of their heads. Not only did Vineet enjoy showing off his prize to other men, from a business standpoint he liked to keep up the morale of his employees. Jiten, Kumar, and the others were certainly on their way up.

Zainab had her back to the men. Her completely bare white ass was shining at them. She still had some tan lines from the previous summer, and her two cheeks were pale and contrasted with her tan legs. She bent over at the waist to remove her shorts, revealing the thin piece of cloth between her legs covering her pussy.

Zainab kept her back to the group as she shyly and carefully pulled her tee shirt off. When she reluctantly turned toward the Jacuzzi, the men couldn’t believe what they saw. Zainab was wearing the tiniest string bikini top imaginable. The two little pieces of white triangles were made for A cup titties, not Zainab’s massive globes. The strings stretched them tight over what little bit of her tits that they covered. Her tits were hanging out everywhere; the sides, the top, even under the triangles. Zainab was a mature mother and housewife, not a nineteen-year-old silicone-enhanced model, and she was insecure of what she thought of as flaws in her figure. But the horny men saw the slightly sloping breasts as magnificent, and the less-than- washboard-hard tummy didn’t bother them in the least. Somehow her imperfections made her exposure even more erotic.

When Zainab walked closer to the Jacuzzi to join Vineet, she saw her husband’s co-workers staring at her. The tight little bottom was pulled up into her pussy lips, and covered little else. Vineet made her climb into the hot tub between him and Kumar. Vineet whispered to Zainab to get her bathing suit top wet. Zainab did as she was told, ducking into the water to get her whole suit wet, then sitting on the bench waist-deep in water. Her suit was one that Vineet had purchased from a specialty store. When dry, it looked like a normal bathing suit. But when wet, it became sheer, even more than a normal t-shirt. When Zainab emerged from the water, the top had virtually disappeared.

Zainab looked at all of the men leering at her chest. Her large, dark areolas were clearly visible through the transparent material, almost as if she were topless. The top barely covered her areolas, and her hard nipples poked through the material. Outside of the material, the men stared down her cleavage. There was a wide gap between the two pieces of triangle. The way Zainab was leaning forward, her two large breasts were pressed together. With every move, her jugs jiggled and bobbled for the men.

Zainab looked down in horror at her transparent top, and saw the way her husband’s boss, co-workers, and the three young men that reported to her husband, were staring at her chest. She was mortified being seen by them in this manner. It was like a nightmare, being naked in a crowd, trying to pretend nothing’s wrong.

Just moments before, the younger men were skeptical when Jiten said that Zainab’s areolas were larger than some women’s whole tits, but now they could see close-up that this was true. Zainab continually adjusted her top and tried to keep at least her areolas covered, but they occasionally peeked out the edges of her suit. Realizing that the top was transparent anyway, she gave up.

All conversations were directed at Zainab, and most of it was sexually charged with double meanings. Zainab tried to act like nothing was wrong, and spoke little, shyly emitting one-word replies. She looked at the leering men and wondered which ones had watched her have sex with her husband last night.

Vineet put his hand on her thigh under the water. Through the sporadic bubbles, Kumar and Jiten could see Vineet move his hand over her pussy. Zainab felt Vineet’s hand slide into the tiny bottom and rub her hairy pussy, even inserting a finger. Zainab forced a smile and tried not to squirm.

Vineet asked Zainab to join him in the pool. Zainab stood up with Vineet. Vineet put his arm around her and made her stand before the men for a few moments. Her bottom was also totally transparent. Zainab looked down and saw her thick patch of pubic hair exposed like she wasn’t wearing anything over it. As Vineet held her arm and continued conversing with his employees, Zainab saw every one of them staring at her exposed bush. Some of her pubic hairs even stuck out of the sides of the tiny bikini triangle.

As Zainab walked away from the men, they watched her bare ass cheeks rise and fall, jiggling and shaking as they did. “I’m sure they’re enjoying your ass cheeks,” Vineet commented. Zainab could only blush and keep walking.

Vineet and Zainab got into the empty pool. He considered fucking Zainab, but there was a family on the other side of the pool deck. Vineet settled for groping Zainab’s ass, pussy and tits under the water. When the family finally left, he sat on the edge of the pool in three and a half feet of water. Vineet made Zainab stand between his legs. The men in the Jacuzzi got a side view of Vineet subtly lifting Zainab’s top up over her bare tits. “Wrap them around my cock,” he ordered. Zainab reluctantly arched her back, and held her tits on either side of Vineet’s hard cock. Zainab slid her chest up and down, letting Vineet fuck her tits. The men in the Jacuzzi couldn’t believe it. They couldn’t see much of Zainab’s tits or Vineet’s cock, but it was pretty clear what they were doing. Zainab tried not to splash too much. She looked down as the dick head disappeared and reappeared from her pushed-together tits, inches from her face.

To Zainab’s relief, Vineet told her to stop and cover up her tits. But then he said, “Suck it.” Zainab lowered her head between his legs, and wrapped her lips over his large, chlorine-scented dick head. The men in the pool were moaning as they watched Zainab’s head bobbing between Vineet’s legs. Zainab sucked it slow at first, as Vineet looked over at the Jacuzzi, smirking. It seemed to Zainab like she sucked for hours as Vineet quietly encouraged her. Zainab gave the best blowjob she could, hoping that Vineet would complete it soon. She went down on the shaft as deep as she could, sliding her lips quickly over the saliva-covered cock. She moved faster and faster, risking being more obvious. She wanted to finish before anybody else came into the pool area and saw her.

“Here it comes,” grunted Vineet, and Zainab caught the load in the back of her throat. She managed not to choke, and swallowed the load rather than spitting it out in the pool. Vineet told her to clean the cock off good, and she licked it clean.